Have you ever been called “adorable” by the opposite sex?

Or cute?
how did THAT make you feel?

yeah many times, most of the time its my grandma’s friends. lol

I heard that up until the age of 19. The fire solved the whole “adorable” issue.

Im a guy and would rather not be called that because from what I hear girls want a ‘hot’ not ‘adorable’ guy

Yes… It makes my uncomfortable

My hubby’s said I’m adorable which disturbs me after someone said they thought he was my dad… Um he’s not that much older than me…

H3LL NO!! I may get called “forceful,” “intimidating” or “strong” but never, ever “adorable.”

Thank God!

I used to get called “cute” when I was younger but, again, thank God, that stopped. I, do, however, still get called “pretty.”

yes by a dirty old man that felt creepy and once by a dirty old lady that was even worse I believe I was pregnant at the time as well and this woman looked like she wanted to jump my bones…big ick factor

i,ve been called a lot of things ,but never adorable

Yea many times, and by the same sex too that was scary

Yes but later when i get to know the girl she tells me by that she meant “hot”. this has happened several times =)

adorable, cute and beautiful.

i actually like it better than being called “hot ” or “sexy”
it makes me feel like…i dont know…like i am just another girl to them. but when they say cute it makes me feel like they really like me.

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