How do I delete the ANY and ALL internet browsing history?

I want to find my fiancee a gift…but I know he checks internet history around his birthday. How can I browse and leave NO EVIDENCE behind? Such as cookies, history etc. I have to get rid of everything.

depends, if you have windows XP, after you do the toools, internet options, delete history- on the tools panel of internet explorer, start a search in your computer and INCLUDE hidden files, search LOCAL or LOCAL SETTINGS and open it up, delete everything in the temp files.
With Vista you do the same delete history with internet explorer but search
AppData under your C drive, find your username and go into Local and delete everything in the temp folder

Sure…are you sure you aren’t buying something else on the Internet…something a little more…risque. I’ll keep your secret for you, ahahahaha

Back in all seriousness, delete the Internet history from your browser. This can be done by going to Tools and Delete Browsing History

go to tools on ur tool bar either bottom or top of the page and pick delete history then u can delete all the stuff u want u cant browse and leave no evidence behind only delete ur pages vistied everyday most sites will stay or ur hard drive

Go on tools, delete browsing history, delete all
(Tools is on the right side of an internet page)

The easy and quick way to restore file and activity History is the System Restore feature. Since much history is saved into the Windows Registry, restoring it to a previous state will restore file and program History. Revert your computer back to the desired date and enjoy restored History. If a user has used eraser track programs such as Ad-aware or Spybot, this method will not work and you will need to access the lesser known log files that Windows keeps (the “index.dat” files). Search for “index.dat” on your computer, you will need to download Super WinSpy to view them. If a user has used advanced tools to erase usage tracks, program logs, registry history and the index.dat files such as CCleaner restore is more difficult. Try using a disk editor to directly access hard disk sector, but even this may not work if the user has chosen the “secure” delete option in CCleaner or has used programs such as BCWipe. So you need to run CCleaner to delete all traces of your online activity including the index.dat files making a restore nearly impossible – just make sure to enable the “secure” delete option. CCleaner is free and highly recommended.

On the top toolbar: Tools>internet options>(under general browsing history) delete>delete all>(are you sure) yes.

Go on the very top of the window where it sayd tools, then internet options and from there you can delete cookies, clear history.


You can gp to start, then click search, then files and folders, then choose all files and folders, then type “cookies” then choose loca drive ( usually is drive C ) and then click search and then delete all the results…

open control panel internet options select delete then delete all that will get rid of everything

tools and internet options

delete history

on a pc:
1) go to tools
2) click on options
3) go to the privacy tab and choose your preferences based on what you would like to delete (cookies, history, etc.)

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