How to get revenge on cheating ex?

I honestly though he was the man i was going to marry. one day my friend told me she saw him at a mma show with a goth girl. i log on to his fb only to see he only has messaged two people. i found it hard to believe he had only being messaging me and his mentor for the past two years he has had a fb. so i look at…

Well ik how you feel. I just found out my bf of over 4 years is cheating on me. So not only am i helping the two people he’s trying to f*** over now(my bff and his fiancee(who alerted me what he was doing) and we are headed up to see him next week-with a nice pan full of laxative filled brownies. We are going to wait till he eats some before letting him know i know everything. Then a week or two after that I’ll be sending out the photos of him wearing women’s underwear to all his friends and family. The nude pics he sent my friend will be used as “advertisements” promoting his ah services as a gay sex slave. < a link for other ideas if you can manage them


So you have decided that getting back together with an ex is the best choice for the both of you. While you may feel excited and relieved, keep in mind there could be rocky roads ahead if you are not careful. A break up is not something taken lightly. Make sure you are truly ready to reunite by asking yourself the following questions.

Does My Ex Make Me Feel Angry, Sad or Frustrated?

When you spend time with your ex, do you still feel those negative emotions welling up inside?

If so, you are not ready to try again. You are still feeling the effects of the break up. You may need to only sit down talk and air out the issues that are still bothering you. If this doesn’t work, you should consider postponing the reunion until you feel better about it.

Do You Truly Want This Person?

Some people fall in love with the idea of being in love rather than the person they are supposed to be in love with. Make sure you are not getting your relationship fix by getting back with an ex. You should actually feel something special for this one person. If anyone can fill the position, then you are better off moving on until you can get your emotions and needs in order.

Is the Past Really Behind You Both?

The break up was caused by something. Whatever it was, have you both come to terms and found a solution that is fair to each partner? Are you ready to move on while leaving those bad things in the past? If you are not truly ready, these things can begin to appear in the form of arguments and bickering which can make your relationship break again further down the road.

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If you are doing any of these things, you have to stop right now. Because if you’re asking, “What can I do to get my ex back,” all of the above mistakes will not do it, so stop doing these things immediately!

So then, what should I be doing to get my ex boyfriend back, you ask? Here are some helpful tips for you to follow that actually work

You have to stop whatever you’ve been doing. It obviously didn’t work, and if you were making the mistakes I mentioned above, then you really need to stop and take a step back. It’s time for a fresh approach. You have to break complete contact with him, at least for a while. If you really like him, I know this is going to be difficult, but you have to do it. You can’t communicate with him in any way. So, no texting, no IM’ing, no anything. You have to go “cold turkey” in a sense. You can consider this “you time” where you work on yourself. You have to work on improving your life instead of focusing your attention on your failed relationship. This will be probably be a difficult time for you, and it’s going to feel almost impossible to not call him, but you’ll need to stay disciplined so that you don’t revert back to your old ways. Just remember that what you were doing wasn’t working. You’re trying something new.

The first step in getting back with your ex is understanding why the heck you broke up in the first place. Believe it or not, some people are clueless when it comes to this one thing. And the reason they’re clueless is because it is so hard to look at yourself and your own faults. Everything that goes wrong in a relationship is always the other person’s fault. We’re perfect. It’s they who screwed up. Well, news flash…we all screw up when it comes to relationships. Nobody is perfect. So the first thing you need to do is objectively look at why the relationship went sour.

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Don’t get revenge, just let it go. People cheat all the time, he ultimately messed himself over because obviously you’re the better person for not cheating. I have to ask though why do you mention she’s Goth? That has nothing to do with your bf cheating on you.

Text messaging is the perfect way to get your ex back because it gives you a chance to be far more personal then what you might feel comfortable with being in person. Even if the other person is resistant to you at first, they’ll come around as long as you aren’t too pushy with this form of communication. Here’s a short method you can follow using text messages to get your ex back.

Go to :

I understand that you’re hurt, but getting revenge isn’t going to make you feel any better. Instead, be proud of yourself. You suspected something was amiss in the relationship, and you were right. Not only that, you got him to show you exactly how big of a jerk he can be. You should be feeling thankful that you’re not in a relationship with him anymore.

Walk away from this mess with your head held high ~ knowing that you’ve emerged as a better person, and that you deserve to be with someone who is a better man.

The very best way to get revenge is by moving on with your life. Go out there and find love, do something to make you happy and don’t give him anymore energy with revenge.

He isn’t worth it. Thank your lucky stars you found out before you married him and move on.


Be happy you don’t have a bastard by him. There is one thing you could do; start being a real Lady, do your other stuff to be ready for life (education, career), and then somebody who really loves you will come along and you’ll know a beauty of a respectful dating, engagement, marriage and being the best spouse and mother you can be. This is your BEST revenge.

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