I like to wear cologne, do women still like men wearing cologne.?

I’m 23 and I was wandering if women want a man who wears cologne on a daily basis or just on dates and special occasions. If your wandering I only spray once on my chest/neck area. I wear Curve mostly but I also have Coolwater. If you prefer one or the other let me know in you answer

I love it when my husband wears cologne everyday. Just one little spray is all it takes, no more than that. He wears Aqua Di Gio. I’m not a big fan of Curve.

As long as you’re not using your cologne as a shower susbstitute. After a nice shower everyday, I love when my man wears cologne on a clean body, the subtle smell is a major turn on.

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Okay tell your family member that it’s your choice if you want to shoot for the moon but people may make fun of you call you gay Ect but be who you are and tell her to leave you alone she’s being rude or you can just get a bottle of cologne and smell it or get a boyfriend whatever suits you it’s your life!

Depends on the woman. Agreed women are not as into cologne as they used to be, but a light spray shouldn’t put anyone off. Just don’t smell like her Uncle…LOL

Yes, cologne is great! We like when guys wear it all the time (or I do anyways), because when you leave or we borrow your jacket, we can still smell your scent, and we really like that. I am not sure what those colognes you wear smell like (but most cologne smells amazing). I think Axe and Armani cologne smell incredible.

Yes! I love guys to wear cologne!

I think its attractive on daily basis not just special occasions. Its a good convo starter at least.

don’t wear cologne, wear oldspice

Yeah, especially when they hug u

yes. its very attractive..i like both

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