I was pulled over by High Way Patrol for not slowing down during his attempt to slow down freeway traffic..?

My situation was that I did not see the Patrol who had merged on to the freeway and began to move right to left across lanes in order to slow down traffic. I was in the far left lane which was the carpool lane. I was going about 70 on the carpool and was paying attention to what was in front of me and not what…

Well it sounds like you werent paying attention, you should be paying attention to everything around you including things off to the right and left, and if you dont notice a marked police car moving lef tand right through traffic then you probably need to pay more attention.

There are hundreds of reason as to why the officer was doing this, who knows specifically what job was and why either way.

You should ask your DMV about the whole retaking the test thing because ive never heard of a cop being able to make that sort of decisions, besides when charging somebody with something that will suspend their license. I know we cant at least.

overall pay more attenton, you could have caused a wreck, did they have their lights on?

So, you finally admit that you should have paid more attention. And that you were distracted by the GPS!

It’s really too bad you weren’t cited.

You don’t know what situation was on down the road at the time. What an arrogant so and so you are.

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