If smoke is coming out of your engine, will your car explode?

Sorry, i have no knowledge about cars but today on the turnpike I saw an accident. The people weren’t hurt or anything but one of the car’s engine got really messed up. Then smoke started coming out! I wanted to warn them to get out because the car might explode but my sister told me that wouldn’t…

It is incredibly rare to have a car explode. White smoke usually means a release of radiator fluid. The white is steam. Most car fires will produce heavy black smoke.

Cars rarely “explode” unless they are consumed in a fire.
The smoke you saw at the accident more than likely was the antifreeze burning off of the engine.

Cars dont explode, but the flames can come up fast. Smoke was probably coolant from the radiator.

You don’t mention anything about the car (make, model) but it could have been damp; or you may have a problem with the carboretta or throttle control unit which will have an effect on the exhaust. I had a similar problem with an old fiesta of mine. If it happens again I would take it to a garage.

its a bad sign on teh car. adding water to teh coolant area might prevent the problem in the future.

not likely. the engine could be melting…muy expensive to replace!
if you see trouble, and no help around, you can always call your local police station and let them know they may need assistance. not 911.
look in the phone book.

it can catch on fire,
then once it reaches the gas,
big ball of flame

well the engine would die, however gasoline is flammable so I guess it is possible.

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