If the presidential election was tommorow who would you vote for Obama, someone else or not vote?!*?

Who Would you vote for if the presidential election was tomorrow?


Ron Paul

Ron Paul

Same guy I’m going to vote for in November, Ron Paul

Nope, huge mistake. Obama fooled me once, in no way again. I note Obama loyalists attempt to conceal solutions of those who received’t vote for him. it is yet an extra reason i’m no longer an Obama zombie. i matter on freedom no longer servitude.

McCain all the way.
McCain 08 not obama 08 not McCain 12



Obama, he doesn’t have as much BS surrounding himself as the other candidates do. At this point, I would definitely go with the lesser of the evils. It’s not the president who will do the most for us, but the president that will cause the least bit of damage.

I would vote for anybody but Obama. He’ll never get my vote.

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