Im 15 year old male and my gf always wants sex please read?

Im only 15 ill be 16 september the 4. and my gf is always asking for sex and im just not ready but she begs and begs i say it over and over we are only 15. she always wants to make out. we went to see g.i joe yesterday and she put her jhand in my pants and i droped the popcorn to make her stop she texts me saying…

i wish my gf begged for sex

You really should sit her down and have a serious talk to her, after that, if she keeps on ‘begging’ then she is not the right woman for you. You have to be careful with some girls, you never know why she wants it so bad, she might have a bet on with some friends, or might generally have a high sex drive and love you, but you need to talk to her, that is the only way to resolve the issue (Other than end the relationship). You seem like a sensible lad and you don’t want to ruin anything by getting her pregnant or something bad happening. She is not worth the trouble. Sorry to have to say that! Good luck! I hope she calms down.

What I am reading between the lines is, first you two are incompatible in your mores and morals, and second, if she is as wanton as you describe her, she is not going to wait for you. My advice is to find yourself a girl who is more attuned to your feelings about relationships and sex in particular. Be warned that if you find this girl, you may be somewhat older than 18 before you ‘go all the way’. That said, I really think you will be happier with this new girl.

alright you are definetly making the greatest dicision in this situation. i am glad u said no. if a girl wants to have sex that young she is a slut, and when she has a baby that young you’ll ruin ur life and she will see that u shouldn have first sex until age 18-20.

brake up with her or she might seduce you in the end, youll giv up and do it.

so brake up with ur now.

hope i helped buddy, and plz dont have sex that young, its unhuman

Don’t ever plan to have sex at a sertain age. You can say I don’t want to untill I’m 18 or older. But don’t ever say “I will at 18” Plan to do it when it’s special. Just tell her no means no and she won’t be your girlfriend for long if she doesn’t stop.


your gonna have to break up. you deserve better then that. she obviously doesnt respecect you or your wishes and you dont wanna be with someone like that. and no effense but if yall are 15 and shes begging you for sex, shes probably a slut, or gonna be one. if you stay with her, shell just cheat on you and find a way to get what she wants. dont give in, stay true to yourself and break it off with her. youll find someone that respects and will wait for you.

I’m turning 16 on September 4 too!! Less than two weeks to go 🙂

Dump her, she doesn’t respect what you want.

This girl is most likely know as the school slut am I right? It’s wierd because normally it’s the guy pressuring the girl so there is something up with your girlfriend. You dump this girl immediatley do you hear me immediatley she is NOTHING but trouble!

You have a problem that most guys your age would die for…a g/f who wants to go all the way.
What to do, what to do?
You have to do what’s right for you.
I was older than you, barely seventeen, when my best friend – a young lady – almost raped me one night. Had I not been a virgin, I probably wouldn’t have resisted, but she was my FRIEND, dammit. It took me years to understand why she hated me after that. Woman scorned, etc.
Do what YOU feel is right.
(Me, I’d be jumping her bones.)

don’t take this the wrong way, but she sounds like a skank. are yall having trouble in your relationship? maybe she thinks having sex will make you closer. regardless, stick to your beliefs and if she can’t respect that, maybe you shouldnt be with her.

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