Is fashonable not wearing underwear today..?

Some times i dont wear it, is it cool or not, specially with light clothes, and light colors…

It is cool not to wear underwear, and it’s up to you.

Way cool, I am always commando and I know several others (male and female) who are likewise inclined.

Its so not kool! Thats going comando my freind and people find it a little akward. im sorry XD

ok when you bend over nobody wants to see your crack


put some underwear on

I would be too worried about catching something in the zipper. OUCH!!!!

Unfashionable; especially if you’re hung, like me.

It’s not fashionable, and it’s not sanitary.

who are you??? paris hilton?? britney spears?? lindsay lohan??..

gross. that cant be sanitary.

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