Is my house haunted???????

Well im 15 years old. Ive been living in the same house for 15 years now nd things just keep getting worse. Time goes by without anything happening. For the past 4 days now I’ve been having nightmares that seem so real. Im a christian and there is religious pictures in almost every room in my house, but that…

i would say yes…but maybe something happened there to someone n theyre souls still holding on n trying to tell u something…

Is it possible that this may be caused by what’s going on in your family? You may just be stressed and this is a way of dealing with it. The eeriness and feeling of being watched could be caused by humidity or high levels of EMF (can be caused by electronics or occasionally spirits.) The picture of the orb from your sun room did look like a bug, you can tell by the way that the orb appears to be split down the middle, that’s caused by flapping wings. And the nightmares could be from a mixture of stress and the fear of there being paranormal activity in your home. If there is a spirit though, they’re usually harmless old residents of your home that are possibly lonely or sad. Don’t sweat it and if there really is something, don’t try to provoke it! Good luck!

Might be haunted BUT Anger/Fear make people glow brighter drawing in bad things… IE the worse you all get the more things are attracted to you and May make it worse… So it becomes a downward spiral….All you can do is try and help things though… Sounds like its a bit late for any real cure but anything to slow things down would help..

No your house is not haunted.. i do believe in other supernatural creatures but these signs are not really pointing to something like that. Its the environment that is making you feel like that. I used to think that someone is following me when i go for prayer in early morning like 4 AM passing through graveyard and i used to hear the sound of footsteps but there wasn’t anything at all! Then i realized its in my mind only.
I just suggest you not to think about that and if u are very uncomfortable just change the room. That might help you to rethink about it. 🙂

Yes, pack up or get out of there. I feel like there is a demon in your house or something. Especially if it shows you the cross burning. I also feel like through your nightares, soeone has been murdered in your house. You can look up th history of your house and dwell on it… if you wish. Also, tell your dad to leave your mom alone, since she has cancer and get help for your brother. Its either move out of the house, or get someone to get rid of the entity. Hope this helps.
PS: sometimes, if you look at the orbs more closly, it shows a face of a person.

Yes. And I think that the black entity, which is a demon, is also giving you the telepathic nightmarish attacks.

In one essay a promoter of witchcraft warns: “The Shadows are out there: They exist, in the invisible world that parallels our own, living creatures. . . . The terms ‘Imp’, ‘Evil Spirit’ and ‘Demon’ are fairly accurate. They are very strong. . . . The most intelligent variety . . . are capable (if someone is helpful enough to open a doorway for them) of entering our world. . . . They can enter your body . . . , even asserting a degree of control over you. Yes, this is exactly like the old stories of Demon possession.”

Now, when you assign a power of protection to religious pictures and crosses, which are inanimate and lifeless objects, you put those things into the realm of the occult. This in turn invite demon spirits into your place. Those things don´t drive them away. So get rid of them. Never have amulets used for “protection” at home.

Are you studying the Bible regularly? Keep on doing it more often to strengthen your faith in God. Pray to God with every form of prayer and supplication, asking Him to deliver your house from Satan and his demons. Use God´s name in your prayers. -Psalm 83:18; Proverbs 18:10.

yea, i think so cuz those dreams you’ve been having r probably signs , and i guess your home should be “cleaned” by a priest or something like that, ik how u feel i had a creepy experience this year on Halloween( it was clearly an image of a phantom ghost thing), good luck tho:)

maybe. Actually i don’t believe in all that things but in your case i have little doubt.i suggest you to calm down and live like nothing is happening.acc. My knoledge our body generates some frequencies, if the frequencies matched with the surrounding frequencies then the nervousness and loneliness think positive atleast until you get help from an expert.gud luk…

Ok it might be, but if the dreams keep getting worse tell someone. Sometimes the ghost might be good ones, sometimes bad. But when you hear stuff or see paranormal things, just swear at them/ yell at them. They will leave you alone if you show strength, don’t show weakness. And tell your brother to stop cutting, it might lead to him committing suicide, so STOP HIM! Pray to GOD


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