Is the word queer offensive?

I think it’s not. Not only is it reclaiming the word, but some people may think LGBT is not inclusive enough. And if we had a letter for every category of person who wasn’t heteronormative, we’d have a whole alphabet.

All homophobic slurs are lame and outdated. That doesnt’ keep them from being offensive when they’re used with the intent to offend.

I’m old enough that I find ‘queer’ offensive – even though here in Ontario the acronym I’ve seen most often is GLBTQQI2S (queer, questioning, interesex, 2-spirits for First Nations people)

If I call myself a dyke, it’s obviously not intended as offensive. If a phobe calls me one, I will smile and say, “Yep, you got it!” but it is still offensive. Same with “queer.” It depends on how it’s used. “Gay” is not offensive, but using gay as a synonym for stupid IS offensive.

Words are flexible tools, and tools are not intrinsically good or evil except in terms of the use to which they are put. A hammer can be used to build a house or bash someone’s brains in.

Is Queer Offensive

The word queer is totally offensive. It means weird. I am not weird because I am gay. i also fine LGBT offensive. It used to be GLBT. I had no problems with that. Gay includes lesbians but for some reason they feel they need to come first and need to separate themselves. I say get your own term and leave the “gays’ alone.

From my personal experience I find the word used offensively often therefore I find it offensive to be called queer by someone.

I mean for example someone might say: “He’s a queer.” it just seems derogatory to me. Though i’m sure it is used appropriately sometimes I just think saying “He’s gay” is better and seems less derogatory.

But thats just my opinion. 🙂

I use it.. In the correct definition; as a synonym for “unusual” or “weird”.

A lot of LGBT people have “reclaimed” the word. I have no care for that, it’s like “n-word privileges”.

It’s only offensive if the person means it to be.

No. I’m a bisexual and I call myself “queer” because I can’t say I’m gay. It’s an umbrella term and it makes me feel included.

I am not L, G, B, or T. Nor am I pansexual, asexual. NOR am I any type gender identity that is not considered normal (My gender and the sex i was born with match my gender Identity)
I am simply queer. (Nonheterosexual)
No I do not find the term offensive.

I’m phucking queer, homo, gay..whatever u wanna call it lol

i guess if a hetero douche were to use it then yeah possibly.

I think it is dyke homo Fag queer are all words you shouldn’t say. You don’t hear people say eww straight people yet people still say eww fag. Think about it. I hate it when someone says that’s so gay.

I have been called far worse, so no, it doesn’t bother me in the least. It is what I am and I’m loving every second of it! 😀

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