Married Married?

I have a boyfriend of two yaers i only see him on weeknds, he is nice to me but im more of a freindly way we hang out and he’s pretty immuture we are both 21 years old.He isnt really romatic and oesnt make much of an effoert but i am happy with him most of the time.. i coulnt imagine a life without him and he…

In regards to your boyfriend. If you want more of a commitment from him, you need to sit down and talk to him about it. Let him know that you love him and that you are ready to take that next step in your relationship. He is either going to want the same thing or he is not. Than, it is your choice to stay or go. As for the co-worker. You need to just let that alone. You are playing with fire and are bound to get burned. While he claims that he is going through a divorce and does not wear his wedding ring, he is still legally married and he is still living in the same house. I can pretty guarantee that they are still sleeping in the same room and most likely are still being intimate.

It sounds like he is playing you…First of all you have a boyfriend and if you are happy with him and love him the way you say you do why does this even begin to matter? Secondly you know nothing about this “married” mans situation, what if he is NOT getting a divorce and only saying that? He is also much older then you,,you have NO reason to even begin to get involved with this guy, who cares if he sleeps in the same bed as his wife, the point is that he is still married, maybe he took his ring off? But i really think if you dont want to be with your current boyfriend to break up, b/c this is totally not fair to him,,,,

Nothing good can come from an office romance, it’s a fantasy that can turn your once loved job into a nightmare situation….especially when you know from the start he’s married, why go any further??….forget who sleeps where, what ring is not on what finger….HE’S MARRIED.

You should spend your time on spelling and grammar….much better investment, maybe then he would understand you when you say, NO.

He lives with his wife. He sleeps in the same bed with her. They have sex on a regular basis. He is just getting you set up to be a piece of a**. Don’t be fooled and don’t be played for a wh*re.

You have a BF, stick with him….OR ditch everyone and find someone completely new.

You getting ready to experience a huge heart break. He will sleep with you and tell you all sorts of things to make you fall in love with him, then he will dump you and move on to his next target. Save yourself the hurt and pain, find someone new that will love you for the sweet person you are.

Stop this dangerous flirting with your co-worker.
Dump your weekend bf that you are disappointed in.
Stop taking the easy way out.

Hello…..of course sleep with him….at his age you will find he has much more experience and will thrill you better than any 21 year old. If nothing more you will have fun.

be careful!!!!! He may be lieing to you about the divorce just to get you in bed with him!!!!!!I wouldn’t even go there!!!!!!! He’s still living at the house with her. This does not sound good to me! Stick with the weekend boyfriend

He is married and you should leave this man alone….and either stay with your boyfriend or leave him alone too and stop leading him on… tell him you only like him as a friend.

Do what you think is right. If you really love your bf though, you wouldn’t be thinking about a married guy…

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