Muslims: is this what you believe, or is someone at wiki pulling our legs? You told me Islam was logical?

In Islam, it is believed that on the Day of Reckoning, God will judge the dead, sending the righteous to Heaven and unrepentant evildoers to Hell.

Some Ahadith include a Muhammad-like holy warrior, the Mahdi (whom Shi’a equate with the long-lived Twelfth Imam), who will be accompanied by the Prophet Jesus to…

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Th details about Judgment Day have been greatly debated. What we do know for sure is that it is the day when each person will be asked about and judged on his every good and bad deed. There will be some miraculous signs taking place indicating the coming of that day, most of which are being debated by Muslims as some Hadiths regarding that day are debatable.

In any case, I don’t see how this notion is illogical. After all the miracles created by God for all the Prophets (The birth of Jesus, the sea dividing for Moses…etc) I don’t see why this is so surprising for you.

Please look into what I wrote
Islam doesn’t condemn the Holy Bible or Christianity, only what they were transformed into. We believe that the Bible is the word of God, sadly tainted, alterd, and misappropriated. Jesus Christ was betrayed in life and after that.This is why when it came to Islam, the message of the end of times, God promised the humanity that it is He who is to preserve The Holy Qura’an from all harm. Man is typically only good at one thing that is betrayal. Jews wasted the Torah and killed a really sizeable number of God’s messengers, Christians shredded the Bible and sometimes even reinvented their own versions like the Book of Mormon amongst others. It is sad and shameful but then again Muslims also betrayed and strayed away and ruined the image of the true religion and earned the worst global public opinion. Our countries are lagging behind for centuries standing in the top ranks of corruption in the world today not to mention the terrorists who managed to crush all the beauty in the noble word ‘Jihad’.
I need to inform u, in case u don’t know already, that The Holy Qura’an was kept in the hearts and the books of billions of people throughout its history in one unified form like a universal constant.
Unfortunately, unlike the Holy Qura’an, Hadith text is not preserved by God. We were told that actually many people will deserve hell for claiming falsely that Mohammed the Messenger PBUH said things like all the fairytales u mentioned above. All our ‘O’lamaa’ ( = priests specialized in studying and interpreting Islam) depend mainly on the Holy Qura’an itself to verify whether any Hadith text is real or not. Read the Holy Qura’an itself and u will never come across anything that looks like the raving imposibilities u mentioned here. Sadly, many of us Muslims read things like these in unauthorized books and grow up to believe and disseminate them. This is tragic! We r alienating to our own religion every passing day. We r losing all passion for the Arabic Language and forgetting the true teachings. We are failing God and ourselves.
The demons who wrote those books for hefty sums of money knew how to interest the ignorants in lies and twisted truths. Just look at the shelves in any bookstore and u will find books like these scattered here and there like a scourge.
I never heard of any of the stories u said nor did the average Muslim.
If u r really interested in Islam I’m giving u an offer to show u around. Just mail me your e-mail address through that mail contact thing (I enabled it) and we’ll see what we can do.

It’s strange…are you asking a question or just telling a story.
Your version is true except the gog and magog part , and the birds and the water that will wash the earth…haven’t read this.
But again what was your question…yes jesus will come again to kill the antichrist…and even him self have to die…because every soul have to “die”.

yes we believe that Allah will make people alive again after death and Judge us… and this is logical, because the one who can create something from nothing, can bring it alive again.

we (Sunni) believe that one of the signs of the day of judgement is coming near, is that Mahdi will appear but yet he didn’t appear, so we are still waiting for him, Shi’a believe he already came and went into a tunnel and will appear again… but Shi’a is a misguided group and what they said contradict with Ahadith said by the prophet.

we believe Gog and Magog will appear but we don’t know a clear sequence of what will come before what.

Actually, many muslims do believe this as part of our mythology, even though there is no theological or scriptural proof for this. It comes about through a scriptural fable involving an epic battle with Gog and Magog (Juj and Mahjuj) that is more of a battle between good and evil and a retelling of Old Testament (? correct me if I’m wrong about the origin?) mythology, a triumph of the forces of God over the forces of evil. Many muslims do believe in an apocolyptic story of Armageddon and Judgement Day, including the rise of a “mahdi”. The mahdi is believed by many muslims to be the return of Jesus to complete his cycle of life and death as muslims do not believe Jesus died on the cross but was raised up to heaven before his suffering and passion could continue. The non-death of Jesus is Islamic scriptural fact, his return is not directly found in the Qur’an. The Judgement Day and its heralding by an archangel and Armageddon and the signs, disasters, etc that end the world is scriptural fact, the rest of it is not based on scripture. The inference for Jesus returning rests on the fact that before the world is to end and Armageddon and subsequently Judgement is to commence, every human born must complete his life cycle in order to be judged on the merits and actions of his life (again, no direct evidence in the Qur’an). The Qur’an itself doesn’t really give too many details regarding Armageddon or Judgement Day, other than in the context of all the dire warnings of suffering to come for an evil, unrepentant or recalcitrant world. Some details are offered as to how the world will end but most of the Qur’an focuses more on how to live rather than death and disasters. In order to find out what we’re supposed to believe, I would direct you to our scripture, the Qur’an and everything else is subject to interpretation or worse. Much of the Islamic apocolypse mythos is most likely gleaned from Judeo-Christian mythology and tempered with Hadith or other non-Qur’anic sources and buttressed with Qur’anic fables where necessary. Remember, the sources of our theology, philosophy, jurisprudence and mythology are five. While only the Qur’an is to be considered “gospel” truth and the uncorrupted words and diktats of God, there is also the Hadith, not a scripture in and of themselves, but sayings and actions of our prophet, Mohammed. These are words of a human who had the “direct line” to God and as such are to be considered secondary to and must be in agreement with the Qur’an which is considered the words of God, but nonetheless considered scripturally significant and to be adhered to by many muslims. That leaves us with three holy books, while not the basis of Islamic theology, philosophy or jurisprudence, are considered required reading and understanding for every muslim (even though many, dare I say most, of us don’t fulfill this requirement). These are the Zabur (Psalms) of David (considered to be corrupted), the Hebrew Bible of Moses (considered to be corrupted) and the Evangels (Gospel) of Jesus (considered lost and replaced by the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). We’re (muslims, christians and jews) not that different when you look at it and maybe if we try to be more perfect muslims, and being a better muslim means being a better christian and being a better jew, AND more critical examiners of the world (I’d like to be a dreamer and say better scientists but then again) our world wouldn’t be drowning in madness, President Bush doesn’t get elected and armageddon isn’t around the corner (sorry that was me on the soapbox, railing against the idiots that give us all a bad name)…
BTW if you believed anyone who told you a religion, including Islam is logical, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I could sell you. As much as I love Islam and love being a muslim, there’s no such thing as a logical religion, including the Islamic, Christian or any other religion

yes, that is what we beleive — although a few parts of it were over -exaggerated. every muslim in this world should have to die before this happens.only after the last muslim is dead, will all these events occur. but Jesus-pbuh is not yet dead, he is with God and will return. and that day onwards he will teach people and bring them all to the path of ONE GOD.

GOD KNOWS BEST, we only know what we see, there is so much to the human eye that is UNSEEN.

well yeah we beleive in most of it.. but the part abt Gog n Magog .. we also beleive in it that they will come out etc etx.. but i havent read anything abt the worms etc n the birds etc..

n the one u call “anti-christ” is what we call DAJJAL …we donot believe in Jesus as jesus “christ”…..

so wuts wrong in all of it?? we believe that this will happen.. do u got a problem????

well n we donot beleive that Jesus will murder Dajjal.. according to ahadith.. some other muslim is gonna murder him

Yes thats true and very logical.

prophet Jesus did not die, so he will return on the Earth and will die later…. After some time the Judgement day will come..

I don’t see what is illogical about what you asked. If you really want to know more about Islam please just ask, I will be glad to help you with the answer. Provided you are not here just to mock a religion.

this words are worth what is going on in the Mideast and every where but,not where the faithfull dwell because an angel Michael will be their protector . check on(Daniel 11,12.AT this:

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