My dad is trying to blackmail me with a car, should i give it back?

HEY SENIORS…since you have more experience then me in life, i will ask you this..and thanks again….anyways, my dad bought me my first car like 2 weeks ago but i feel like hes trying to use it to control me…i think he just bought me it so he can try to blackmail me with it and try to threatnen to take it away…

Are you serious? You are 21 and live with your parents (without paying rent I presume), and drive your dad’s car (it’s NOT your car), and then want to complain that they have rules? When I was 19 I owned my own Camaro, and my own house! I also had a wife to support. I slowly furnished the house as money became available. Where have you been? What have you done with all the money you have earned? Your dad should take the car away from you and kick you out.

Sounds like you have a nice dad.
You should sit down with him and find out what strings are attached to the car if there are any.
My sister was given a brand new custom painted pink BMW from her boy friend back in the 1980’s.
She told him to take it back, she was happy with her old VW. She didn’t want someone to feel they owned her in any way.
If there are too many restrictions on your new car, perhaps you should give it back to your father and get a used car or something cheap until you can get a better one on your own.
You are 21 and not a baby any longer.

Car or no car, if you are still living in your parents’ home, they are the boss. Do whatever your Dad wants when he wants, including curfew. If you want to control your own life, move out and get your own car.

Also, never argue with your parents or raise your voice to them, even if you don’t live with them. It takes two to argue. Listen to what they have to say, agree with them whether you really agree or not, and don’t try to defend yourself verbally. Respect them. Then, if you are living independently, do what you want away from them.

This sounds like a VERY unhealthy relationship you have with The Pater.

Give the car back immediately..!

No games. No misunderstandings (which are NEVER beautiful…)

Go get yourself your own transportation and make it clear as to the reason. It is because you HAVE to live YOUR OWN LIFE..!

You don’t sound 21 to me. However, he paid for the car…it is his car. With concern for your safety, he is making moves to keep you aware to behave yourself or else. You also live at home at 21? hmm..

My dad co-signed for my first car at the age of 16. He also threatened to take my keys if I was not a responsible driver. I fought him nose to toe, saying I was paying for it and he had no right to do that. He knew I was right, and backed off.

So the solution is… your own car…until then, live with it as long as you continue to live at home.

Spike is right! You are making mountains out of mole hills except that there are no molehills. Your Dad has done nothing yet! You are deciding that he will in the future all on your own. Wait until he does before you get your panties in a twist!

Get your own car .! You are 21 not 16 and he needs tuh stop trying to hover over what you do .! You are grown and seem independent , so get your own car and put it in your name so there will be no fuss about everything and you can live your life !

If you live with your parents, you should abide by their rules — car or no car. If you want the freedom to make your own rules, act your age. Move out, pay your own bills, support yourself, and give the car back to daddy if he wants it.

How about a sit down face to face and see if he feels ground rules are to be set ot or he trusts your judgment calls ?
Better to have all out in the open so you know up front and not stressing out waiting for incident to happen…
Hope you can work it out so all feel good.

90% of what you said is what you think will happen, not
what has happened. So far, all he has done is make a
copy of the key. Which could come in handy if you lose
your key.

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