Once america becomes pro gay rights will it eventually slip back into anti gay rights?

Due to the rise in muslims.

History tells us that when a group of people gain their rights and proper recognition from society, things usually stay that way, and it will even be unconstitutional to reverse that process.

EDIT: I agree, Muslims do have a long way to go, but they also have a long way to go in becoming a majority in the United States. So maybe things will eventually work out.

Well, if there’s a rise in Muslims and corporate America starts catering to them, I imagine it WILL eventually slip back into anti gay rights. Majority always rules in Capitalism.

There are still racists and misogynists in America, and they try their hardest to be mainstream, but I don’t think segregation is coming back or women’s suffrage is going away. Muslims are and will continue to be a small minority in America, and America has a strong tradition of tolerance which broadens with each new generation. The irrational arguments to justify bigotry, once exposed, do not survive well in the children of bigots. And Islam has many far greater social issues to engage than sexual orientation. It is just as likely that American Muslim attitudes toward gay people will develop along with those of Americans of other persuasions, especially the young.

Well the left has been pushing the homosexual agenda while at the same time bending over for Muslims, so yes.

Funny when you see “queers for palestine” when in Gaza homosexuals are killed by being pushed from a high place or burned alive, while in the West Bank they get life sentences, and that is if they even make it to court.

You don’t know. Even today there are people trying to undo government services started in the 1930s that provide dignity to the aged and assistance to people temporarily unemployed. If they succeed in doing this, this means that anything can be undone because people don’t care enough to stop those who want it.

Do not be distracted by the Muslims; pay more attention to “the man behind the curtain” who is saying you should watch out for them instead of watching out for him.

No , God will destroy America and the upcome gay world. Just like sodom and gomorrah because of the sodomy, gay rights.

Unless Muslims can somehow gain political power, we won’t have to worry about that. If they do, I guess non-Muslim religions and atheists will have to form a temporary truce to stand up for gay rights.

I hope that no people rise up so much to dominate what would become an enlightened majority.

I think we still have a ways to go to become that enlightened though.

it ought to get pretty interesting…

Probably but I really hope not, because it’s disgusting that someone could do that.

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