Polls & surveys – Question only for Indian male users?

Is there any such special person in your life to whom u would like to dedicate this lovely romantic song?

~~Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun
Tujhko Main Kar Loon Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun
Zindgi Ki Shakh Se Loon Kuchh Hasin Pal Le Chun
Tujhko Main Kar Loo Hasil Lagi Hai Yahi Dhun

Jo Bhi Jitne Pal…

nope not yet…lol

specific, i’m getting puzzled at circumstances and in the event that they do all which you assert with their avatars (and that i’m helpful lots do) then we do the terrific we are able to in addressing them. the grey shadow is the two or. ~~~~~~~ i’m a woman and that i choose all and sundry of you to be responsive to that. Why conceal your self ? I verify diverse peculiar avatars & discover they are point a million. Have a super night & shop smiling approximately those unusual issues.

~~Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai
Dhadkane Meri Sun..

but jab koi sune tabhi sunaoun..koi sunta hi nahi..:p

Obviously, Is tarah ke gaaane apni “Girl Friend” ke liye hi gaaye jaate hai.

Kya aaapne is gaaane ko kisi aur ke liye to nhi soch kar rakhaaa hai..?

so, my answer will be “GIRL FRIEND”

nice song

no nt nw sab bagh gaye…


there was

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