Regular Hershey’s Bar or Hershey’s Almond?

I will take the Hershey’s Almond..

almond, unless they ran out then ill take the plain,,,im not fussy

Hershey’s Almond

Hershey’s Almond

Hershey’s Almond

Regular Hershey’s Bar

Yes, Hershey’s Almond.


I’ll take the Regular Hershey’s Bar, I don’t know, I’ve always favored things without almonds, nuts, and other hard to chew food.

Both great bars, but feel I am getting a litle something extra with the almonds. I like to kind of pick at them with my tongue and teeth and make them last long after the chocolate is gone. I have been in Hershey PA, It smells so fine. Way better than the towns with cereal factories, paper mills or pork processing plants.

Definitely hershey’s almond. I’m from the state of hershey. PA.

I’m with you – Hershey’s Almond.

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