Religious folks will always tell atheists or non believers in the bible to just pick it up and read it and all?

Good. Are you saying that when you start to read the bible you automatically start receiving revelations? How do words create revelations? But if this is so then wouldn’t books about evolution do the same thing for folks who start to read them?
A person can open his mind to the possibility that the…

You can definitely read the Bible and not be a Christian. But, according to the Bible, you will have rejected the word of God which is not a good thing, according to the Bible. It’s quite serious, according to the Bible.
Ultimately you are not the one who decides whether or not you are going to accept the word of God. God is the one from whom the understanding comes.
Even though people don’t understand what the Bible says, they are still subject to judgment. Everyone has sinned against God, and every one sin is punishable by eternal damnation. This is the case whether or not you believe or understand the Bible. The Bible is not the thing that ultimately condemns you, neither is Christianity. It is our sinful nature that condemns us to hell, and again, that exists even without an understanding of the Bible. The Bible is actually a very helpful thing in all of this. It explains the only way to escape the eternal damnation that everyone is condemned to (I know it’s tough to believe that everyone deserves to go to hell, but that’s another question that you could ask if you want). It explains that God is willing to save some members of his creation through Jesus Christ. That’s generally a good thing. The damnation is there with or without the Bible.
So yes, not everyone who reads a book, even the Bible is going to believe it or understand it. For the record, neither the Bible nor Christianity make any claim that people who read the Bible will receive revelations. Reading the Bible is not the same as hearing the word of God.

I think if you start reading from the presumption that The Bible is all nonsense, then you are likely to learn nothing from it. I also think that if you read The Bible in an attempt to make something magical happen, then you will be disappointed.

If you actually want to learn what The Bible says, perhaps you should start with the book of Acts in the New Testament. It’s basically a history of the beginning of Christianity after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The New Testament is very well preserved from the original texts. Even skeptical scholars agree with this. What you read in The New Testament really is what was written almost two millenia ago.

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are not highly complicated. The translation of the Bible that I think is most readable in English is The New Jerusalem Bible. The New Jerusalem Bible is translated directly into English from the oldest available original texts.

Whether you experience an epiphany or not is between you and God. I think the New Testament – at least the parts I mentioned, is pretty easy reading. Anyone whose ability to read is at least as good as your ability to write – judging from your question, should have little trouble at least understanding what The New Testament says.

One thing you should consider in reading The Bible is any resistance you might have to learning the Truth that The Bible contains. I think many people start to realize as they are reading that they will need to change some things in their lives if they accept what The Bible teaches. Many people don’t want to change, and they don’t want to live in a way that they know is wrong, so they willingly remain ignorant of the truth about what is right. That way they can continue doing everything they have been doing without feeling guilty.

I think you should try reading The Bible from the presumption that it is basically true, but be open to the possibility that it might be false. Let The Bible itself prove it is false if it is. I know that The Bible is not false, so I am willing to recommend that you read it in this way. I think most people who reject The Bible have not actually read much of it. Actually read at least the four gospels and the book of Acts. You could do that very well in only a few hours of thoughtful reading.

Keep in mind that billions of people regard the Bible as a very important and true text. Many of us are very intelligent and very well educated. It is only reasonable to read it carefully and try honestly to find out what we see in it that is so important.

I am Roman Catholic.
Peace be with you.

No I wouldn’t recommend the Bible to any atheists. But neither I would recommend Quran though I am a muslim. The first book because it has been corrupted and the second one because it needs additional knowledge in order to be understood correctly.

First of all, religious people needs to behave in a way which is best. Most of the time we dont, so how can we expect to build up credibility this way???

Then u have to listen to the people, get to know them, understand them. Then talk to them with words of wisdom and make them reflect. If u pose the right questions then they will found the answers themselves…if God wills of course…not everyone is meant to believe.

Isn’t that kind of pushy? I never push my faith on anyone nor have I ever in my life done so. If you ask I will answer to the best of my ability. You may not like what I have to say but I always pray it is the truth before I say anything about my faith, for I will be held responsible for what I say on the subject or what I don’t say. And if my faith is blind from time to time, then the only answer to that is I have FAITH that it is true. It is something I feel in my heart. God bless you.

the bible gives you revelations like a biology book does not because the bible is a magic book. *not!*

I read the Bible, but I still don’t think it is correct. None of the miracles desribed in the bible, or any of that nonsense with Noaf, Adam, Eve and the like, has any scientific or historical evidence whatsoever.

Words alone do not reveal God. The Words of the Bible and the Good Works it encourages are both needed to truly discover God, and what he is calling us to do.

PS: Every time you ask a question, I get an email, because you added me to your contacts. So…is this ALL you do all day? Every question I see you ask is about this. Do you SERIOUSLY not have anything else to do?

I love how atheists say they have read the entire bible and think it’s horse hockey …..i’ve been a christian for over 24 years and can’t say for certain i’ve read the entire bible although I’ve read some passages 300 times and meditate on the word …Excuse me for doubting the veracity of their claims …people in general are liars and here again is proof of it .

Most atheists don’t believe the bible anyway. So why try to force it upon us? I’ve already read it and I don’t believe.

Actually the religious works of all three of the monotheistic religions tend to have a mind numbing affect on those of weaker will or lower intellect. It is for this reason that they wish people to read the books as they hope that the person will be numbed (you can also say dumbed) into submission and give up their free will and intellect and become a believer.

Reverend Willy

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