Should I text her again? Best answer gets 10 points!?

I have a crush on this girl and for a long time, we’ve been saying to each other that we should text and talk more. Well i finally texted her a week ago and we had a nice conversation. We havent texted in a week so I’m wondering if I should text her first again, or wait for her to text me. Thanks! 🙂

You text her again. Whenever she doesn’t text you, you text her. Do you want to be her bf? Then get texting. Keep texting until she says enough already! (Which, hopefully, she won’t).

She needs to know how keen you are. She’ll love it.

I think you should text her first, girls normally don’t like to text guys first, plus it will let her know you were thinking about her, so i say you should text her first 🙂 hope this helped

In my experience girls always like it when men make the first move. Text her but not too often because otherwise shell think your clingy and desperenta and won’t like you.

Answer mine:…

txt her and talk to her more get to know her and ask her out!

Just do it!

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