What will happen to my dog since she ate a whole bowl of white chocolate hershey kisses?

She ate them all. The wrappers too. She jumped up on top of her cage while we were gone and leaned over to the counter and got them. They are lemon cream hershey kisses but made with white chocolate instead of milk. I want to know what will happen to her.

Go dig a hole in the backyard.

My American Eskimo dog ate half a huge milk chocolate bunny and a chocolate bunny pop yesterday, and is fine. She has vomited a lot yesterday morning, so I judge that the toxins which are harmful to her body are gone. My dog is fine, but I don’t know what to say about yours. Each dog is different… some will get sick very easily and others are very resilient to chocolate. Since those Hershey’s Kisses were not pure chocolate, plus they were white, I doubt that your dog is in serious danger. Be thankful that she didn’t get at any dark chocolate. Still, I would contact a vet or something to make sure.

She’s probably going to be fine as it’s only white chocolate, but you might find yourself cleaning up some vomit and poop shortly. Keep an eye on her pop to make sure the wrappers are comming out.

If your dog’s personality changes, or you notice a siezure, or if the vomiting seems excessive and she becomes dehydrated you will want to see a vet. This is aparticulay risk if your dog is a small breed- a bowlful is a lot of chocolate for a little dog.

How big is she – and how much did she have? If she is only a little dog I’d be more concerned. Chocolate is toxic because of the cocoa solids in it – white chocolate has very little in comparison to plain, so hopefully she’ll be ok – though she may well vomit! If she seems at all off colour, take her to your vet, just to be on the safe side.

It depends on how big your dog is, and how much was in the bowl…

7 grams of chocolate is enough to kill a small dog (6-20 lbs)…

Yes, chocolate IS lethal because it contains theobromine. Theobromine is lethal because it raises the heart beat, your dog will have a heart attack, and die. The same goes for caffeine.

You need to keep the chocolate out of your pooch’s reach, I know it was a mistake, these things happen, but hopefully you have a larger dog that can handle this much theobromine….

Please be more aware.

there is not any chocolate and dogs fantasy, that’s particularly genuine. chocolate incorporates theobromine it relatively is poisonous to dogs in sufficient parts. it relatively is a xanthine compound in the comparable family contributors of caffeine, and theophylline. the solid information is that it takes, on well-known, a extremely great volume of theobromine a hundred-a hundred and fifty mg/kg to reason a poisonous reaction. in spite of the fact that there are variables to contemplate like the guy sensitivity, animal length and chocolate concentration. On well-known, Milk chocolate incorporates 40 4 mg of theobromine consistent with oz.. Semisweet chocolate incorporates 150mg/oz.. Baker’s chocolate 390mg/oz.. using a dose of a hundred mg/kg by using fact the poisonous dose it comes out sort of as: a million ounce consistent with a million pound of bodyweight for Milk chocolate a million ounce consistent with 3 pounds of bodyweight for Semisweet chocolate a million ounce consistent with 9 pounds of bodyweight for Baker’s chocolate. So, to illustrate, 2 oz.. of Baker’s chocolate might reason great risk to an 15 lb. dogs. yet, 2 oz.. of Milk chocolate often will only reason digestive issues. Xanthines impression the worried device, cardiovascular device and peripheral nerves. It has a diuretic effect as properly. medical signs and indicators: Hyper excitability Hyper irritability greater suitable heart cost Restlessness greater suitable urination Muscle tremors Vomiting Diarrhea there is not any specific antidote for this poisoning. And the a million/2 existence of the toxin is 17.5 hours in dogs. set off vomiting in the 1st a million-2 hours if the quantity is unknown. Administering activated charcoal might inhibit absorption of the toxin. An anticonvulsant could be indicated if neurological signs and indicators are cutting-edge and must be controlled. Oxygen medical care, intravenous drugs, and fluids could be needed to guard the middle. Milk chocolate will in many circumstances reason diarrhea 12-24 hours after ingestion. this could be taken care of symptomatically (fluids, and so on..) to dodge dehydration.

It’s not a one size fits all calculation. Google your dog breed and chocolate. White chocolate is far better than having ingested dark chocolate. More than likely if she a big dog she’ll probably be pooping for a while, if it’s a small dog you may want to call a vet just to be safe.

She should be fine but it depends on how much she ate. the danger point for dogs eating chocolate is 300g so if she ate 300g you should check with a vet.

Is your dog a Papillon or St.Bernard?
Anyway, white crap Hersheys Kisses is mostly sugar and chemicals.
Removing all potentially harmful items from your dogs reach is a part of responsible ownership!!!!!!!!!!!

Cocoa is the problem. There is no cocoa in White Chocolate.
The dog might be more sick from the foil it ingested.

Chocolate is not considered a poison to dogs people your dog will be fine but keep an eye on it

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