Whats an easy way to connect 2 computers (Without using the internet)?

I want to connect 2 computers with similar spec and the same windows xp pro op and they are in the same room but how and what do i need

they both have usb sockets

the reason
file sharing only

basically to transfer music and videos from 1 pc to the other

they are both my computers and they are near…

top 5 ways to connect two PCs:

1) use USB connector for two pcs. This is a wire having USB heads on both sides. Its available in market

2) Use CROSSOVER Cable. To know exactly what it is you can type this in google. for quick info its lan wire with plugs in both side with a crossover connection

3)Use WIFI networking, if you have wifi in both PCs. You can use Wifi cards if you don’t have inbuilt wifi in your PC

4)Use bluetooth. You need to have bluetooth in both PCs. You can use bluetooth dongles if you don’t have inbuild bluetooth. This method is not recommended as it has a slow file transfer.

5)Use external drives like external hard disk, large memory pen drives or flash drive. This method is not recommended as its tedious.

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there are several ways to do it.

1. a wired LAN PC to PC using a cross connection.You have to ensure that you have an Network Interface card installed on both.

2. a wired LAN using a 4 port switch

3. a wireless LAN using 2 wireless network cards.

you than have to configure the cards accordingly, give a share permission on the folder you want, map the drive form the other and your good to go.

the cheapest solution is buy a cross connection network cable and wire the two computers together. Make sure both computers have a ethernet Network Interface card (NIC). Go on the internet google and search and see how to configure the connection.

Option 1. use a cross cable(not a usb ur local computer store can help u it is cheap)
Option 2. Use a router and connect both to the router.
Place all the files you want to share in a folder and right click —-> enable file sharing.
This should do. its is fairly easy.

It’s simple. Use a cross over cable from 1 Ethernet port to the other PC Ethernet port

Create a LAN. Just need a router. Then set up filesharing on the computers and you are done.

Crossover cable. It is like a ethernet cable with different pin-out

you create a local area network with them and use your router. you’ll have to set file sharing rights on both computers.

Use a crossover cable

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