What’s the main difference between evangelical and fundamentalist christianity?

All i know is that fundies believe in this king james bible and evangelicals have huge churches

None. As far as the version of the bible, everyone has their own preferences no matter what “denomination” or “non-denomination” they are in.

No, many evangelicals have small churches. But many do read other versions of the Bible. A fundamentalist takes a very literal, inerrantist view of Scripture. While evangelicals believe in the inspiration of scripture, they usually recognize that there are differences in translations, editions, etc. and that some of what a fundamentalist would see as literal fact is metaphor. That doesn’t make it any less true to an evangelical.

Evangelicals tend to be more engaged as members of society than many fundamentalists, who see their goal as separation from society rather than engagement.

Evangelicalism is an interdenominational Protestant Christian movement that began in the 1700s as a response against dead orthodoxy in the Church and for a desire to share the gospel with others. Fundamentalism is a movement within Evangelicalism that began around the early 1900s as a response against modernism. Both are conservative in theology though Fundamentalists are more strict.

“The National Association of Evangelicals defines an evangelical as someone:
-who believes that the Bible is authoritative
-who has had a ‘born-again’ experience
-who shares this message of faith.”
“The idea of Christian Fundamentalism first emerged as a movement in the 19th century within various Protestant bodies, who reacted against the rising tide of evolutionary theories and modernist Biblical criticism. From a Bible conference of Conservative Protestants meeting in Niagara in 1895, a statement was issued containing what came to be known as the five points of fundamentalism: The verbal inerrancy of Scripture, the divinity of Jesus Christ, the virgin birth, a substitutionary theory of the atonement, and the physical resurrection and bodily return of Christ…. The term has generally been applied to all those who adhere to strict, conservative (Protestant) orthodoxy in the matter of Biblical inspiration.”

Evangelicals are less legalistic and don’t usually speak in tongues as do the Fundamentalist. They are also less likely to accept the Bible literally, and are somewhat less reactionary, politically

All evangelicals are fundamentalists. But not all fundamentalists are evangelicals. There are different types of fundamentalists,

nowadays, “fundamentalist” is used to mean “extremist”

eg. “Islamic Fundamentalist”

“Christian Constructionists” like Fred Phelps promote the USA being brought under the laws the 10 commandments (putting homosexuals to death etc) … they have always been referred to as “fundamentalists”

Evangelicals are what Christian fundamentalists call themselves.

Probably no more difference than exists between christers and muzzies. Damn little! One hate filled, murderous ideology is much the same as another. And they both worship the same nonexistent entity.

Militarily speaking, one is dug in and defensive. The other is on the offense.

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