Where is the best place to look for for a 2000-2006 VW Jetta TDI (diesel) for a decent price ($15,000 or less)

We want a Jetta TDI because of the fuel mileage. Jetta TDI’s typically run close to 300,000 miles from what I have heard and read. We would buy one that has 100,000 miles (or possibly more).

The problem is I live in a pretty small town, so there aren’t many VW dealerships nearby. Plus, the closest…

The best place that I have found you already mentioned – Ebay and Autotrader. I have signed up previously for email alerts for both and that helps in finding the right vehicle in your specified price range and location.

I have purchased numerous used cars (at least one a year) and the best method is to be patient. Good Luck with you search!!!

KBB is a crop of crop. I never base my purchasing price on these vague and misleading guides. As the cost of fuel rises so too does the demand for fuel efficient cars. They are in high demand since VW stopped selling TDI’s for the North American market in 2007 (2006 was the last year of production). The new clean burning TDI should be hitting the streets later this year. As far as finding a car I suggest going to tdiclub.com and posting a wanted ad or looking on the classifieds. You may want to look on craigslist for your area. I do agree that prices are a bit high. Best thing to do is stay away from dealers who are putting a high mark up on these cars. Price also depends on the mileage, features, options etc. so look at the car in detail. If your looking at a 2004 or newer TDI make sure that the VW specific oil had been used. The 2003 and older TDI is a slightly older design and thus has been around and in service for longer. For more reading and advice look at tdiclub.com. Great site!

My wife and i bought a new 06 tdi for her July of 06, We live in the panhandle of Florida, It took me 9 months to find a 2000 tdi jetta with an automatic. The car had 180,000 miles the tranny and the timing belt had been replaced at 160,000. the car is not perfect, but it suits my daily drive. I probably saw 2 cars a month that were within 200 miles of me. I would check craigslist, local newspapers, local trader papers and autotrader. Good deals are out there, but they are probably going to be Private owners

i offered a 2006 TDI Jetta final twelve months. After making use of a TDI Peugot in Spain and getting 50 mpg, i desperate to purchase a diesel once I decrease back to the States. The Jetta now has 24000 miles on it and the main costly restoration grew to become into the 2nd oil exchange($ninety). the subsequent oil exchange I did myself fee in factors $35. Diesel is the alternative fueled motor vehicle you should purchase now.

away from price but something you should know. the jetta TDI diesel has a problem with the intake blocking up over time. this lowers power and mpg. it is a good idea to get the airflow checked before you buy one.

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