Who thinks this USA and UK politics is Bull ****?

They want to unreset other nation so they can sell their WMD and kill other people and enjoy. They want to be super power. I dunno why US didnt attack IRAN instead of IRAQ. They knew IRAQ didnt have WMD. but IRAN has some NUKE. Golf nation has oil so what? Why didnt UK control em after the great war. if they had…

I cannot speak intelligently about UK foreign policy in the Middle East, but after observing so much of recent US history in that region, I have come to one conclusion which defines any other US foreign policy conclusion I can make:

At one point, since the US became a world stage player and Superpower, every dictator in the world we either kill or depose, due to humans rights violations, threatening world security, etc., Every ONE of them, we once considered an ally to US interests, indeed, in most cases, it was due to US influence many of these animals were in power in the first place.

Stalin and Kruschev, et al., don;t count as former allies (even thought they were in WWII) as Russia was a communist country (and therefore against any free society) before the US was really a Superpower, after WWI

Castro, Pinochet, Franco, The Shah of Iran, Hussein, Osama bin Laden, etc. were all once friends of the US (and I suppose, because of the de facto allied relationship the US and the UK share, the same could be said of Great Britain, they were all allies of the UK as well). In EVERY case, we have spent money and assets putting monsters into positions of power, then we have to spend OBSCENE amounts of money to remove them from power again. THIS IS NO WAY TO RUN A RAILROAD.

The former Soviet Union used to invade countries to sell its brand of government to them. The last one was Afghanistan. Now apparently the pendulum has swung the other way, and democracy and Bush’s Baked America are the new Bad Guys on the Block, forcing “democracy” down the throats of people not only completely uninterested in the concept, but with apparently no clue or ambition to embrace it.

To be honest, i will comprehend why you will think of that. however the BNP, contributors and supporters of whom make lots of the racist posts, are a minority in uk politics. (in case you think of I replica and paste on questions approximately healthcare, you may see what i’m like related to the BNP…)

Not me.

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