Why is the US fueling boths sides of the Israel-Palestinian conflict?


“The Bush administration will notify the U.S. Congress on Monday of its intent to sell $20 billion (€13.5 billion) in weapons, including precision-guided bombs, to Saudi Arabia, moving up the announcement to coincide with the…

This is standard operational procedure for the USA. We have been doing this same thing for many years. We supported( provided weapons) the Shaw of Iran. We supported(provided weapons) Saddam against Iran. We supported OBL against Russia in Afghanistan. We have constantly armed both sides of fighting factions on the globe. Money & power above all else!!! In the Iraqi war I’m sure our military are fighting against weapons that were manufactured in the USA. We borrow money from China to give foreign aid to Israel & turn around and sell weapons to Israel. Taxpayer owed money to China so Isreal can buy weapons from ordance manufacturers in America. Wouldn’t it be safer for the common American to just hand Corporate America the money direct? Any way you look at it the American people are getting screwed & by our own government! Incredible!!!

2 reasons:
1) using weapons in a real world conflict environment that can be closely observed by the manufacturer without being near the target allows improvement without risk. Theres only so much benefit from using test sites.

2) There are two possible ways of looking at how this world works best: through war or peace.
The peace theory says that if we work together in cooperation toward a common goal in an environment without conflict, fear, hate, or suffering, we will achieve a great deal, but more importantly we will on average be a happier, healthier, wiser, and more morally aware people.
On the other hand, the war theory says that if we work in competition toward different goals in a abrasive environment, the people will be more motivated by fear to achieve more, thus making society stronger, more resiliant, more enduring, more determined, driven, focused on what’s most important in our personal life, and for those in positions of power and control it will make wealthier, more powerful, more protected.

Both theories have merit, cultivating desirable human qualities, and 99% of people on earth believe it should be either one, or the other, or that we should flip flop. For example, corporations law requires companies to compete with each other, but the people working in one company cooperate toward a common goal. On the other hand, the employees of that same company often compete for position, status, and often ultimately salary, so it’s not really cooperative. In fact, truly cooperative relationships are very rare on Earth. Conversely, truly pure competitive relationships are so common, and always have been, so what does that say about the arabic conflict that your question pertains to? Perhaps there is some validity to many peoples concern as to if the conflict in the middle east will EVER end …

because they want to keep the war going. As the war continues, rich central bankers get richer loaning out money for the war effort. The longer the war continues, the more money is spent, and the more interest goes to the central bank.

Also, Bush needs to fuel incidents like this in order to create fear and panic amongst the world’s citizens. As he creates fear among us, the more absolute power he gains by sneaking in big brother type laws.

All wars have been purposely created and steered by the world leaders in order to gain more power of the people.
9/11, vietnam, pearl harbor, all planned attacks to instill fear, and allow leaders to do what they want without citizen concent. This is a tactic Adolf Hitler used to gain power in Germany and then Europe.

If you want to understand the root cause of the conflict, i would advice you to research and read the agreement that that was signed between the World Zionist Organization and Faisal bin Hussein.

All of it funded courtesy of the US taxpayers.

Our foreign policy consists of kowtowing to Saudi interests, so this is not surprising.

Israel I did not know about. I guess this administration wants to cover all the bases.

This is basically Ron Paul’s point. Why are we funding both sides (especially with the direct aid to the Palestineans, let alone the indirect aid that you mention through the Saudis)?

Save the money. Let both sides deal with each other directly.

I guess the Commander in Cheat has to keep his war machine running with our tax dollars (I mean our grand kids) tax dollars. This is yet again more reason’s to get out of policing the world!

It’s good for the cronies of Bush. War is big business.

Because there is something to gain out of this conflict for the current adminstration. I am not sure what it is at the moment.

But at least my taxes aren’t going to a good use.

its called sleight of hand,”politics’ the weapontry is alredy obselete the israelis alredy have the defence systems. it may be a ploy to keep a balance in power. we support a few commumnist countries to keep a balance in power”.

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