If Obama is truly working in a bipartisan manner, why do Republicans have a HUGE advantage in enthusiasm polls?


PRINCETON, NJ — An average of 59% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents have said they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting this year compared with past elections, the highest average Gallup has…

I think that part of President Obama’s weakness in addressing problems has been this bipartisan nonsense. He has weakened his proposals and programs in order to try to appease Republicans and they hate him anyway.

The efforts at bipartisanship have been wasted and have actually damaged the Democrats’ programs. Two examples are the omission of a public option in the health care reform legislation and the inclusion of hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts in the stimulus package.

The public option omission is a disgrace and the tax cuts were useless. Most people didn’t even notice the tax cuts. In any case, those capitulations to the Republicans, as well as to conservative Democrats, have lost him and the Democrats a lot of liberal support and enthusiasm.

Is it possible that many are, “mad a s Hell and they are not going to take it anymore?” The socialistic agenda, the incompetence of the present administration on the oil spill, the economy, and Obamacare. We are also fed up to here with the looming threat of increased taxation, and the influences of people like George Soros, Alex Jones, Anita Dunn, Barney “fife” Fwanks, Nancy Pelosi, and “dirty” Harry Reid.

We see that people kike Bobby JindaL, and Jan Brewer have not gone golfing or partying with Paul McCartney while the oil keeps flowing, and illegals keep crossing the border, but spend their time with sleeves rolled up and striving to do the best they can under the circumstances.

Yes, people are enthusiastic about the coming of November and real change from the corruption seen everywhere we turn.
It will definitely effect voting in the elections this year.


whilst this debate began President Obama held open public conferences with suitable democrats and republicans as for a thank you to go forward. He additionally would have exceeded this bill suitable down interior the senate had he exceeded it as a sequence of smaller charges tied to the budger which in basic terms require an elementary majority. in actuality there is an AP article right now it incredibly is titled “Obama urges dems to not ‘jam’ wellbeing care previous GOP.” in actuality that the gop has a greater sensible expertise of the yank public than does the democrats. not the guidelines that they choose, however the way they behave. by skill of blockading each and every piece of legislature democrats attempt to pass they’re waiting to entice out this debate. by skill of drawing it out they understand people will grow to be greater and greater uncomfortable which will greater embolden them. each and every of the whilst asserting that the admin on no account tried to artwork with them.. that’s patently fake. Republicans are magnificent at getting elected. and that they seem to have the better hand in management. it incredibly is purely unlucky that they on no account lead us anyplace solid.

He doesn’t try in even the smallest way of trying to be bipartisan and truth be known but not accepted he isn’t even for his own party. It was enthusiasm that in a small part got Obama elected so I think this will be the key to getting him booted out.

He’s the most divisive president we have ever had. He never reached out to Rep, in fact, he had Dems only meetings behind closed doors and what might have looked like reaching out ( no public option) was done to win democrat votes not republican votes.

I don’t see a clear relationship between bipartisanship and enthusiasm polls. Even if you assumed there was bipartisan behavior coming from the white house, wouldn’t you still expect the minority party to want to gain control?

Because the Republicans are NOT working in a bipartisan manner. All they do is scream and complain, spout their anger and fear, and that gets people fired up. They only point out everything that is wrong and not working, and don’t offer any solutions or constructive ideas to the debate. It’s easy to get people to be “enthusiastic” when you have no intention of actually *doing* anything.

If Republicans were truly working with the Dems to fix the problems our country faces, their base would be horrified.

People see the agenda Obama promotes and want none of it.

because Republicans don’t care if he tries to be bipartisan…

Obama’s made far more attempts to reach out than Bush ever did… but it’s all about winning for Republicans… not doing what is best…

and you guys are SO MAD you didn’t win… you’re flipping at the chance to win again…

The GOP has lost me.

I’m a southern, right-of-center Independent in Florida.

The GOP has moved too far right (except for their OUTRAGEOUS spending 2000-2008).

They had their chance for a while. Blew it.

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