When should I spay/neuter my two kittens?

I just got two kittens, one boy and one girl. Once they are six months old, should I get them spayed and neutered at the same time? boy first? girl first? I just don’t know how they will react to each other, and I know that females healing time is longer. Thank you 🙂

We have a boy and girl kitten and just got them fixed yesterday. They are just short of 4 months old. Some places we called gave different timeframes, but in a little as 12 weeks is possible. We were told the sooner the better because if they get fixed prior to sexual knowledge it would be better for them when they get older.

Once again, FUGLY’S dispensing false information. And if his time was spent volunteering instead of harassing others online he’d know the facts.

It’s not a “member here” that says it can be done at eight weeks. Most SHELTERS do it at eight weeks since it’s easier on the kittens, they recover quicker and there’s a much LESS chance of mortality. It’s ridiculous to wait until six months as kittens can reach sexual maturity as early as FOUR months. So keep these siblings apart if you’re going to wait or you may just end up with a litter of inbred kittens.

More about early spaying and neutering:


Put Both of them in at the same time. Do the boy first.
That way the boy can lick and bathe the girl when she’s in pain.
Yes spay them and neuter them at 5 half or 6 months.
Hope I helped!

First of all, GOOD FOR YOU for being responsible and getting your kitties fixed! I’ve had lots of kitties through the years and have settled on this guideline: Both males and females should be fixed around 6 months of age, certainly before the female has her first cycle. Our last babies we had both males and females fixed at the same time and they did fine. Sure the boys healed faster, but the girls were themselves too within 2-3 days! Just give them lots of TLC and keep the stitches clean. Good luck!

They should be fine to do together…animals are pretty good at pulling through the spay/neuter thing. Ask your vet. if your worried but the kitties will probably have the procedure done and say to each other, “What the heck happened to us? Don’t know but it kinda hurts. Whatever, lets play.” Haha, just being silly about the cat commentary.
Good Luck!

P.S. Hairy P is an idiot.

It’s just for a day or so usually. It’s a good idea to do them together because then they’ll both be kind of “meh” at the same time instead of driving one another nuts wanting to play. And honestly kittens bounce back from s/n way faster/easier than grown cats. Good job doing this! 🙂

By the time they are 6 mos. old, you most likely will have a pregnant cat. Kittens get pregnant all the time when they are even as young as 4 mos. I have worked in a shelter and as long as they are healthy, the new rule is 2 Lbs. and 2 mos. of age.

The recommended is 2 pounds body weight or 5-6 months; whichever comes first. There is a member here who keeps saying it can be done at 8 weeks. Maybe so, but that is very risky to the cat and most vets would never consider it unless it was a health issue.

I wouldn’t personally leave it as late as 6 months to get them done……….I rescue ferals and they are done at 12 weeks ( boys or girls) by the time some are 6 months old they are old enough to have kittens.

5-6 months

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