Are Republicans a one-trick Pony — TAX CUTS + DEREGULATION?

The economy crashes, and the only thing Republicans call for are


Even though our economy crashed BECAUSE OF DEREGULATION, and the greed it caused in the mortgage industry.

Even though our economy crashed DURING an era of RECKLESS TAX CUTS (Bush ran record deficits while the economy…

you got it.

its funny how no matter what the situation they always propose the same thing..which basically means they are full of crap….and dont look at facts and reality. their ideology is more like a religion….not grounded in facts at all…just a belief that what they believe is true even when its proven false.


occasionally they do mention that the bill of rights is not all that important and that its ok to give up freedoms to be made to feel safe by a strong paternal father who will protect the fatherland…oops sorry I meant homeland.

They are also very adept at appointinf the worst people possible to certain government positions. Do you realize that this creep that owns the Peanut Corp of America was appointed by the BUSH ADMIN to the USDA staff to oversee Peanut safety. Seriouslym I am not making this up. Se the source link below.

Can’t you guys get over the liberal talking points? The economy crashed because Fannie and Freddie WERE NOT regulated enough to begin with and the Democrats refused any further regulation of their pet project.

Ask Bill Clinton

Ask Maxine Waters

Ask Barney Franks

Ask Chris Dodd

Just what deregulation are you talking about ?

Can you name any deregulation passed since 2001 ?

Can you even name any deregulation that was attempted since 2001 ?

I don’t think you can.

So you think we need tax increases ?

So should the 40% of the wage earners who pay no Federal income tax’s now, be forced to start paying some ?

Yes. The simple-minded nature of their economic cure-all policy prescriptions attracts equally simple-minded people to the party, as one would expect. Of course, when you have a party where the elite is comprised almost entirely of simple-minded fools and all-or-nothing ideologues, it’s going to be tough to come up with any practical, viable solutions to real problems.

Well, it does seem that way… a cookie cutter ‘solution’ that is used regardless of the overall economic climate. The only thing it seems to feed though is GREED.

Ur right. We should just keep passing stimulus packages like Japan did in the 90’s and quadrupled their national debt.

As opposed to the democrats that are all just Tax and spend. Just take the stimulus (spendulus) bill as a prime example.

That would make Republicans a TWO-trick pony. So you fail on that.

Unlike the socialists, “Soak the rich”?

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