Atheism rhymes wih Communism! Coincidence?

I think not!

You may also notice that “Christianity” rhymes with “Happy”.

We are happy, we are merry,
We’ve got a rhyming dictionary!

Words that rhyme do not connote the same meaning. They only signify similar sounded endings such as draft and raft, ship and clip, fun and sun, and clear and fear.

Also, christiatnity does not rhyme with happy. Words that rhyme with christianity are insanity vanity inanity inhumanity and profanity.

You demonstrate tremendous talent, of what that is the real question. You might know but I doubt that you do, that atheism is what brought Russia out of its massive poverty and no all of those churches and religion did not do anything at all but keep the people in ignorance held down by communism.

technically an exact rhyme starts from the last accented syllable (the first in Atheism) to the end of the word. Other things are approximate rhymes.

each thing has some actuality in it, and likewise some advantages, yet you asked for the negatives. basic for me, simply by fact i do no longer think of i’m prepared on any of the three. communism- limits own freedom and concept, does not artwork (economic equipment needs opposition or people get lazy), and many times prohibits faith and worship of a few thing above the government. Has led to countless injury everywhere this is been carried out, including unfair torture and unfair executions. atheism- I merely think of atheists omit out on plenty. this is in actuality the worship of no longer something bigger than your self. in case you spot some thing incorrect with that and picture atheists waste their lives, ok then. in case you do no longer, it is your selection. all of us get what we would like in the top. i prefer God and the ask your self and keenness he brings to my existence. there is plenty to verify and do with spirituality. this is remarkable. loose love- is by no skill loose, and it advantageous isn’t love. people get harm. Unconditional love, forgiveness, adulthood, and unselfishness trumps random intercourse. Face it. females purely have random intercourse simply by fact they’re insecure and ought to sleep with a guy to experience alluring and needed. adult males are afraid to shield somebody as much as they do themselves and their own needs. loose love makes them a guy without unquestionably having to be one. this is not approximately love. this is approximately lack of self belief and absence of administration and honor. yet ppl can do what they prefer. God gave loose will. we could desire to constantly love others, defend the susceptible, and inspire concept.

Your statement;

“You may also notice that “Christianity” rhymes with “Happy”.”, leaves you with no credibility whatsoever!

Especially after the asinine statement that all words that end in ‘-ism’ rhyme!

You must be quite the talented poet!

In Acts, it states the early church gave everything they had and everyone had an equal share from their community. So why would they practice godless communism.

That was a massive fail.

I certainly hope your whole life is not like this.
I’d be looking for a rope 😉

That rhymes in the same way Christian rhymes with chicken.

christianity rhymes with insanity

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