Borderline personality disorder vs atypical depression vs cyclothymia?

I have been told by several doctors that “no no you’re not bipolar you’re a borderline” or “it seems to me you’re just hypersensitive with atypical depressive characteristics”
Well I’ve done my research. Believe me. The past 4 years of my life have been spent reading and…

Look, these labels are just MADE UP by a bunch of psychiatrists who get together, yak about it, and vote what will be in the book. Now there is a whole new book coming out, the DSM 5, with changes in it that many professionals are irate about it. Did people change? NO, a new group of people got together and voted some more, many of them on the dole from big pharma.

These labels are not real! They are made up. You have entirely missed the point.

are you a woman who was sexually abused? Do you self injure or have you attempted suicide before? BINGO, most any doc will instantly give you a borlerline label, whether or not you meet 5 criteria.

I supposedly have bipolar, and I’m going to say that for some labelled conditions, the bad times seem to be altogether detached from what is going on in life. E.g. everything is going great, but I want to blow my brains out anyway. My father whom I loved very much died? I’m not depressed at all. When I’m depressed again, then I cry a lot more (I did cry when he died of course, but I wasn’t depressed). Other times, a bad thing happens, and I’m still depressed, but no more than before.

But you know, if there even is such a thing as bipolar, there may be 10 causes for it. It may be that some cases of bipolar are the same as some causes of schizophrenia, or major depression, just depends on the personality of the person as to what they got. And which doc saw them and put a toxic label on them.

Find some ways to feel better. If you self injure, or have suicidal ideation a lot, DBT is best, no matter what’s “wrong” with you. I have nothing good to say about prescribed drugs for mental problems. Those drugs stole away nearly 20 years of my life. I think it’s best to stay away from the mental health system, because it is a steamroller that will run over you while you are unable to run away. Borderline is often code for the b word, too. I’ve read that more than once on blogs written by mental health professionals. My social worker confirms this is true – it’s label abuse by that supposedly lovey-dovey mental health system. (I do think there are loving people working in that field, but there are many messed up people too, and woe to the mental patient who gets someone like that in the hospital when they can’t get away. These folks do grave harm).

PS 1boringoldman is a retired psychiatrist who blogs, and he says that 2 psychiatrists can agree on what to diagnose a patient with less than half the time, for most labels. I forgot the name of the term that refers to how much agreement there is on diagnosis, unfortunately, so you’d have to spend an hour clicking around.

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