Can you give me proof that people are born gay?

Come on it was Adam and Eve not Adam and steve

Here is your proof (and it was Cain and Abel, not Cain and Mabel).

Survival of genetic homosexual traits explained…

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Linkage between sexual orientation and chromosome Xq28 in males but not in females

Gay genetics

What Makes People Gay?

I don’t believe that people are born gay. I don’t believe that people are born straight, or bisexual, or asexual, or anything. That’s just my opinion, though.

I DO, however, believe that someone cannot consciously change their sexual orientation. You like what you like- how can you suddenly force yourself to like something else?

The question I have for you is why you need proof? What would it matter if people chose to be gay instead of being born that way? Would that give you license to condemn, hate, injure, and perhaps even kill? I certainly hope not.

Incidentally, I find the whole ‘Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’ argument pretty flimsy. So what if it was Adam and Eve? As if that means that such is the only right way to be! C’mon, people!

If you are going to use the Adam and Steve arguement, you might be a Christian. I don’t have any proof of that, but you are inferring that you are.

Those that are Gay, have a substantive arguement that they were born that way. They can’t prove it by any means that I know of, but can I prove that you are a Christian? If you say that you are a Christian ( and I am one too) then am I to believe it merely because you say that you are? Can you prove it?

So with all the explanations that they offer, the Gays are just trying to understand why it is that they feel the way that they do, and have theories that pertain to that matter in the knowledge that they are for some reason attracted to the same sex.

Now the ‘Adam and Steve’ arguement is apparent out there. If you believe the Bible then you believe that the sexes were created to have sexual relations with one another. There is further evidence that there is a one on one type relationship that God meant for us to have.

So why is there so much wrong, in that relationships are not respecting those lines? The answer; ‘sin’. But it’s not the sin that we do really, as it is just as much the sin that we are. We are born in it.

So I would tell you that sin takes it’s toll even before the birth of a human. It takes part in the forming of the child before it is born. So not only do we have people that are born Gay, but we also have people that are born dead. We have babies that are born with deformities. We have children that are born with extra digits, and some that lack ‘digits’.

So there is plenty of wrong in the human race without even considering the gay isssue. And picking on them isn’t really fair. I think that they are born that way. I believe it. But as Christians were NOT told to condemn people by Christ, but we were commanded to bring the Gospel to those people, and all people.

So by picking on Gay people we are being disgraceful and disobedient. We have turned from the things that we hope fpor, to the things that we see. And that is not a walk of faith, is it? That’s a walk of fleshly people that have lost sight of the commandment Jesus Christ gave that we shoud preach the Gospel.

It’s about Jesus, not eachother. UNLESS you want to be disobedient to Jesus Christ!

I don’t know if I was born gay or not, my personal opinion is that I was born gay, but the question is irreverent and the only reason that people ask it is to justify discrimination against gay people. I would imagine you’re more than likely a Christian, and probably a Republican, both of these things are lifestyle choices that you have made, and both are lifestyle choices that I personally don’t agree with, however I do support your right to make them. Using the logic that lifestyle choices should not be protected from discrimination, should I for instance be able to discriminate against you if you were applying for a job from me, or if you wanted to rent a house or apartment from me should I be able to deny you housing because of your religious or political lifestyle choice?

You asked the question therefore the onus is yours.

Provide proof of Adam and Eve to start. Next provide proof people are born sexual, because speaking for myself when I was born I had no interest in sex whatsoever.

Can you give me proof that you weren’t born straight? Was there a time in your life when you were attracted to both men and women but chose not to be attracted to women?

Actually there is a theory that people ARE born gay and that becoming straight is part of their development and that some people just don’t get past that phase. Mull that one over.

Your right. No one is born gay. No one has a clue what they are when they are born or what they want to be. Until they start living life. Getting out there in the world and seeing, hearing and experiencing things for there self’s.


I have had crushes on girls since kindergarten and relationships with them ever since. I didn’t choose. I was born gay.

Sure, as soon as you show proof that your fairy tales are something of relevance and are true I’ll be glad to show you proof.

Can you give me proof that I was not born gay?

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