Cancer girl with a Taurus man.?

So I am a Cancer, and I am with a Taurus…
I know a lot about the sign that isn’t the question im asking.

We both have different views on our relationship, and I am not ready to give up certain… virtues… Taurus men are lovers, and I know that mine has had a long history with other girls, but I…

Tell him you want to wait and if he really wants to be with you, he will wait. Good luck!

For the record, Taurus and Cancer for the most part are good if you base things off of sun signs. Hopefully, his Mars isn’t in Aries.

i’m a Taurus to boot and look at at many places that maximum cancers is a sturdy experience for me, besides the indisputable fact that i develop into married to a guy for 5 years (he develop right into a maximum cancers) and it did no longer artwork out. this is extremely annoying to tell, in case you meet somebody you’re extremely into, in basic terms supply it a attempt. Now i’m married to a Libra or maybe although I on no account heard approximately Libra-Taurus being a sturdy experience we are doing in basic terms advantageous.

Tell him to wait, if he’s really in love with you, he will wait, if he doesn’t really love you then he will easily fall in love with other girl once he found it

Go test him by asking your friend which has pretty face and invite her to talk with him, see his reaction, that’s the only best way to see how much the loyalty from your boys

hey hows it goin Ima taurus male and Im shy and maybe hes just shy about his feeelings and when It comes to that you have to listen to him a little more and the best thing a taurus male like is sex so I hope you got a high sex drive

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