Chinese Zodiacs Sign????

I m cancerian can u tell me what sign do i have in chinese zodiac sign??? what does it mean??

Chinese Zodiacs Sign is based on a 12 year cycle, and depends on the year you are born in. For example:

1981 – rooster
1982 – dog
1983 – pig

Year – Year of
1984 – rat
1985 – ox
1986 – tiger
1987 – rabbit
1988 – dragon
1989 – snake
1990 – horse
1991 – goat
1992 – monkey
1993 – rooster
1994 – dog
1995 – pig

1996 – rat
1997 – ox
1998 – tiger

So based on this just calculate accordingly.

Yes, as others have mentioned, the Chinese Zodiac is primarily based on the YEAR of birth. There are twelve signs each with five elements and thus a single combination appears every 60th year.

The Chinese Zodiac is further divided into the DAY of birth (actually more important than the year); the HOUR of birth and the MONTH of birth. Knowing only that you are a Cancer you most likely would be born in the month of the independent HORSE (early Cancer) or the month of the imaginative SHEEP or GOAT as some call it (late Cancer).

That’s about all I can say without detailed information

Chinese Zodiac Sign goes off of the year you were born..

Chinese Horoscopes/Zodiac is based on a 12 year cycle rather than the star sign. The following link will tell you more…

I am a Libra and my Chinese zodiac sign is the year of the dragon

You will have to put your date of birth in, Chinese Zodiacs go by year. I am a Aries, Fire Goat.

You need the year of birth to determin the chinese animal sign. Go to MSN’s homepage and click on their horoscope link. You can find out which sign you are and it will tell you about yourself. It’s free.

the chinese zodiac sign is determined by the year in which you were born. it can supposedly mean many things…

Hi, chinese zodiac is different from western zodiac. Chinese zodiac is based on the year you were born.

Look through here…

Happy discovery!

Chinese Zodiacs are bast on the year you are born , not the monht you are born

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