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OK, I love to write fictional stories, and have two novels saved on this old computer in my room. For Christmas, I got a Laptop and I want to put those two word documents on my new computer. the old one doesn’t have a disk burner, but has a floppy drive. My new one has a disk burner, but no floppy drive. My…

Try a flash drive (aka thumb drive) if your old PC has a USB port you are in business, they sell very large ones. I got a 4 GB for around $50
That is the easiest and best way… floppys take too long.

Since you do not have the same type of removable drives on both computers, using a floppy or CD is not an option.

Probably the simplest way is to invest in a USB memory stick (also called a thumb drive or a flash disk). You can get one that 512 mb (about the same as a CD) for $15-20 at Walmart. Larger ones for more. (One that holds the same as a DVD -4gig- for around $50)

Simply plug it into the old computer and it will show up under My Computer as a new drive (E: or the likes). Drag and drop your files to the new drive. Unplug it, and plug it into the new computer. It will show up there as a new drive, and drag the files of the stick and onto your hard drive. Done.

Then you can keep the stick for any time you have to copy a file to take with you (to a friends, school, etc.) Without a flopy, you will find that you need something like that for transporting files. It gets expensive to use CDs instead, as once you burn them you can not reuse them like you could a floppy.

You will find it an excellent investment.

You may already know this, but here goes.
Try using a thumb drive, about $20 for a cheap one.
Then just plug it into your U(niversal)S(erial)B(us) port. then copy the files over to it by opening “my computer” and going into “removable disk”(may be called something else depending on which one you get.) open up another window with the directory of the files and either drag-and-drop or copy and paste them into the “removable disk” take the thumb drive to your new computer, and do it in reverse.

Hope this helps,
Xenos R. D.

you have just answered yourself ok !!

put a floppy in the old pc in your room .save the documents and take them to the computer in your living room and burn the documents using that computer since it has both a floppy drive and a burner. now you will have a cd containing the two documents which can the save to your new computer.

1)old computer save files —>floppy
2)living room save files and burn —->cd
3)take cd to new computer and save documents

you answered this yourself !!!!!!!

email it to your self . or if u only have one internet cable..try plugging it into your old pc…

or put it on a usb stick
or put it on a floppy disk. then get and external usb floppydrive your your new pc.


THEN burn it from floppey to cd/dvd then put ur cd/dvd into ur new laptop

May I suggest this? Upload your two stories to a website and, then you can download them onto your new laptop..
LiveJournal is a safe, secure site for this. I use it all the time for my writings and, photos I save off site.(read that to mean,laptop)
You can chose what to make public or private..
Good Luck~!

put it on a floppy then copy it to on your computer (not the laptop) then burn it to cd and put it on the laptop ( the new one)

If your old computer is Internet capable then email them to your other computer or get an usb hard drive

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