Computer won’t turn on, fan gets loud?

While using my computer, the screen went completely grey, so i turned it off. after an hour or so, i turned it on again to check up on it. there was no computer signal, but the fan became really loud. much louder than usual. i’m wondering what happened to my computer, and what i should do to fix it? my computer…

I HAVE THE SAME THING!!!! that’s why your question intrigued me. Then I read the last line.. ‘my computer is an acer’.

Sometimes I have to turn it off and on like 100 times before it comes on. I try not to turn it off (for another month before I can buy a new computer) but it’s SOOO annoying. I really feel your pain.

Acer’s suck! Nobody buy them!!!
I have had nothing but problems in the year and a half since i’ve had it.

I have an acer too and when it doesn’t want to shut down I just take battery off its in the back of the computer.

IThis is a laptop right? Is it a nvidia GPU? It sounds like a video card failure to me. Certain Nvidia chips have known overheating issues. To comfirm if your card is one of those affected you have to research your video card.

when this happened to my computer a few years ago, i had it looked at and my power supply had gone bad.

you might just need a new power supplier or a new fan.

when you get your answer please see if you can help me out with my prob.;_ylt=AsRakuV3IXjTOLGWh._qF87sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090820145353AAjB7sC

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