Do guys like athletic girls or girly girls?

What do you pick?

Middle, like not really super girly but at same time not athletic as in muscley athletic..that’s a huge turn off.

I like athletic girly girls who look pretty lying down with their long athletic legs beckoning

I like athletic party girls.

Athletic girls of course?

I go for the girly girls… Mainly because athletic chicks are usually competitive and I’m way too laid back for any competition.

No, I’m serious. I make a stoner look anxious.

girly girls


athletic girls can be nice too, just not too bulky. A nice, toned, body is good.

I like girls to be athletic, and smart, and to know what they want.

I don’t know, I would like to do physical things with her (other than ‘that’ you dirty-minded people haha,) but I would still want her to have a feminine form. Because if she has some bulked up thighs or arms that’s a deal breaker for me.

But it would be cool jogging with her, playing some sports, and having fun.

I like girly girls who also enjoy trying sports for fun and like doing outdoorsey things lol

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