Do you agree these people are overrated?

Miley Cyrus
Taylor Swift
Lil’ Wayne
Lady Gaga
Chris Brown
Justin Bieber (I’ve only heard of them from Y!A but people talk about them a lot on here)
Ke$ha ( again I’ve only heard of them from Y!A as well, but people talk about them a lot on here)

Star * if you…

Yes, absolutely.

Night by Night – Chromeo

Miley Cyrus – Yes.
Taylor Swift – Yes.
Lil Wayne – Yes.
Lady GaGa – Yes.
Beyonce – Yes.
Chris Brown – Yes.
Rihanna – Not really. Or at least not as much as the others on this list.
Justin – Oh. My. Goodness. Yes.
Ke$ha – Extremely.


How about The Jonas Brothers? And Owl City. And Nevershoutnever!.

BQ: “Young” by Hollywood Undead.

Miley Cyrus: Somewhat
Taylor Swift: HELL YES!
Lil’ Wayne: Eh, kind of.
Lady Gaga: NO!
Beyonce: What? She can actually sing. It’s just her “Sasha Fierce” crap that makes her overrated in my eyes. It’s the sex appeal factor.
Chris Brown: No. I don’t like him but you can’t deny talent.
Rihanna: No. She doesn’t have the fan fare that she used to.
Justin Bieber: No comment.
Ke$ha: Yes.

Take Gaga and Beyonce off this list and then you’ll get a star. How can they be overrated? They are actually talented. Gaga’s eccentricity overshadows her talent and Beyonce’s alter ego over shadow’s hers. I can’t stand Sasha Fierce.

BQ: Nothing.

Miley Cyrus – Yes
Taylor Swift – No
Lil’ Wayne – Yes
Lady Gaga – No
Beyonce – Yes
Chris Brown – Yes
Rihanna – No
Justin Bieber – No
Ke$ha – I haven’t heard her music, so I can’t really say.

BQ: Yesterday by The Beatles

I think Beyonce is a legitimate talent. Miley, Justin and Gaga all seem to be overhyped

He stepped his interest up final night nevertheless. there have been dissimilar situations that Crosby tried to make a play with the help of skating previous him, and Karlsson broke up the play. he’s no longer the acceptable shielding defenseman, yet he’s recuperating.

Yes definitely.

^ Your forgot them, Mari ;}

No, Ich Leibe Lady Gaga♥

BQ: Jam – Michael Jackson.

Miley – Yes
Taylor – HELL YES
Lil’ Wyane – No, not really
Lady GaGa – I’m kinda half and half on her
Chris Brown – Who cares?
Rihanna – Could care less
Justin Bieber – Yes.
Ke$ha – WAY overrated.

Yes, and also Kanye West and Tom Cruise.

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