Do you prefer darker hair (black/brown) or fair hair (blonde/ginger) on men? Or have no physical preference?

Examples of men with dark hair:

Examples of men…

my hair is brown

I like darker hair on the opposite sex- it is more mysterious

Well in those pictures, the blondes win.

I don’t really have a preference … I mean the second I say I prefer dark hair, some blonde guy will like turn my head lol

It’s rare for the gingers to be hot. But when they are, THEY ARE.


im a sucker for blonde guys, but i also like darker hair

Light brown (dark blond) with blond highlights…but it’s his personality that really counts…

I have always had a thing for dark hair on guys!

i prefer darker. blue eyes or green eyes are a huge plus…but
blonde guys can be good too…its just i havent found one yet

black hair or brown hair lol

I love blonde hair. 🙂

no preference

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