Do you think 3/4 ppl voted for Obama because he is colored?

I think ppl voted for him just cause he’s not cacausian because ppl would of liked to see a differnt race president so what do you think?

Not race. People voted for him because he is inspirational and charismatic. He didn’t even have black support early on until they got to know him.

I’m not sure. There were a lot of minorities who voted for him ONLY because he is half black. BUT, there were also many white conservatives who voted against him ONLY because he’s a black guy with a “un-American” sounding name.

I didn’t like either choice and it had nothing to do with race. McCain was Bush 2.0 and Obama…….if he were white, I wonder if more people would question what he’s done to qualify for this election, experience wise? Either way, a part of me would have said “Well, at least we’re trying something different”, with Obama, but another part of me thinks about the whole Joe the Plumber thing, and thinks maybe “more of the same” is the lesser of two evils. That said, I hope Obama makes change for the better in this country.

I personally am more for 3rd parties, but that will never happen when you have so many polarized minds (left/right, black/white, we are good/they are evil, simpleton politics, etc etc)

First of all when a fill out a form colored is not one of the mutiple choice answers!! And everybody is saying black people only voted for obama becuz he is black and i think that is so crazy. I voted for Obama because i think he will make a great president and mccain would have probaly croaked over by the time he stepped foot in the oval office. I think this is a life long lesson to everyone that black people can be something in life and can make something out of their life. And why or white people so mad, i mean he is half white huh?!! So if black people were racists then we wouldve never voted for him.And last but not least Palin didnt even know africa was a country. Now would u want someone like that to help run this country???

ok. there has been numerous black adult men that have ran for president interior the previous. None of them have been given everywhere close to the oval place of work. If all black people voted for Obama purely with the aid of colour of his epidermis, then tell me why we’ve not already had a black president. it rather is with the aid of fact he’s the 1st with substance, the 1st that white people might vote for. Does that inform you some thing? It tells me that he became the main appropriate guy for the activity. i’m a white, greater center type, reasonable dem woman. I voted for him, his coloration had no longer something to do with it.

No people voted for him because this nation is in a lot of trouble because of Bush. He won because people believed that he could really make a change for the better. If Obama was completely Caucasian he still would have won the election.

Change. Change not only for America, but probably for the entire world as well.

I don’t think he could’ve managed to become president because people wanted to see a different ethnic person ruling.

The popular vote was 51% – 48%. Blacks voted 96% for Obama. They say it has nothing to do with color, but according to blacks, it does.

Yes Miss & colored is the correct term to use regardless of what year it is.. A review will indicate all they did was play race card.. He was elected because he’s colored, PERIOD.

I don’t know about you, but I voted for him cause he seemed like the best candidate.
Although I hate to admit that I think some people did vote because of race I don’t think it was 3/4 of people voted that way because of race.

I think you have no idea what you’re talking about. Bush has a 27% approval rating, the economy is tanking and the War in Iraq is decidedly unpopular. John McCain represented largely a continuation of Bush’s policies and Obama did not, that’s why Obama won. I don’t understand why people simply can’t accept that the American people had a choice and made one based upon the issues.

I wouldn’t vote for a candidate based on something so stupid. I voted for him because I’ve lived the effects of Republican presidential rule, and we can’t keep going in that direction. I also agreed with many of his points.

BTW, I’m colored too…sort of a rosy peach color. Your use of that terms automotically diminishes everything else you have to say. Colored went out of fashion decades ago.

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