End of some constitutional rights?

If barak obama becomes president, any american the publicly criticizes his presidency will be accused of racism. what do you think?

Disliking Obama has nothing to do with race. He is the one trying to use race as the issue, just in the event he loses. But he is blind to understand that his policies and political stance are the real issue. And just like a tiger cannot change its stripes, neither can he change his politics. He is neck deep in socialist doctrine that he is trying to push as change.

Not even 1% of the voters have ever read the Constitution. To most it is an empty concept and they just react to the word in a knee-jerk reaction. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

You been alseep for the past 8 years??? Anybody who protested Bush was arrested and held somewhere – released a couple days later after no charges could be found to file against them.

We lost those Constitutional rights to miserable little Georgie – we threw them down the toilet so he could pretend he was a ‘Wartime President’.

There would be absolutely nothing that Obama could do which was worse.

Vote Obama – ’08

I don’t think so. He is being criticized now and it’s not about race/racism. People can have differences that have nothing to do with race.

I think I want cameras in my house. I have nothing to hide so I have nothing to fear, right?

Hw do you know? Is that published somewhere or is it just more right wing radio BS?

will that be kinda like anyone who criticized GW was a terrorist???

anyway, the answer is no, anyone who doesn’t have a reason behind their hate for obama is probably racist, but other than that, no

Please, Bush was the one who wanted to put discrimination into the Constitution.

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