Has Hillary or Obama ever faced any hardships in life?

Obama has faced alot of tough issues.
– He had to drop his fathers name, his previous religion, and denounce his bi-racial heritage so he could try and get elected President.
– He had to write comments about his white half status and say at age 33, he wrote in “Dreams from My Father, that ” he found solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against his mother’s race.
– He has to hide his transcripts or any data from Columbia and his working days in New York so we don’t find out about his heavy drug use.
– He has to hide the details on his real estate purchase so we don’t find out how close he is the the dirty slum landlord currently under federal indictment in Chicago.
– Obama grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and that had to be really tough…..
– He had to make tough decisions on important legislation 140 times in the Illinois legislature and it was so tough he cound not even make a decision.
– He had to give a speech about how it is ok for full term healthy babies to be killed and call it abortion.

Has George Bush? Has Dick Cheney? Has Carl Rove?
Hillary is facing hardships right now – she’s a woman. Obama is facing them right now – he’s black. Do you think if either one of them is elected that they’re going to live to see the end of their first term in office? Probably not. How would you handle the hardship of knowing that there’s a good chance you’d be blown away if your elected. And don’t think they don’t know it.

Obama was born to a teen mother, his father left him when he was two, and he has had to deal with the hardships of living as a minority in America. I think he has dealt with his hardships well, or else he would have never made it where he is today (alot of his speeches deal with this)

As for Hillary, she did have to deal with the issue of what Bill did during his presidency and the ensuing impeachment, but other than that I’m not sure if she has had any significant hardships.

Well, Obama’s dad ran off and left him and his mother. That can be pretty hard. What Bill did to Hillary when he was messing around in the White house definitely affects you big time. As far as not having enough money, or trying to make the next house payment, I doubt it. No one lives a perfectly happy life though.

That’s a difficult question to answer, because once you are born into this world you will at some point suffer a hardship.

Whether you are Bill Gates or the beggar on the street corner. You won’t leave this life without any scars.

Hillary was raised by a demanding alcoholic father, and married to a habitual cheater.

Obama’s father left when he was 2 and was raised by a single mother and his grandparents.

I would say both had some hardships in their lives.

There is no one in the world who has NEVER faced hardships in their life.

Look what Hillary had to endure with Bill and Monica L

hillary was stood up once and it made her very upset. obama got beat up in the south side of chi town. the was thin so he was always cold in the winter. that is the word on the street.

obama grew up in a very poor family, and went to college by student loans and eventually got his law degree at harvard.

Thats one of the reasons why I like obama, he knows what its like to be a poor, struggling American, unlike many people/policiticans

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