Has Israel managed to convince us British and Americans that the Palestinians are our problem?

Because the Israelis are expanding onto Palestinian land

Vinny: that is exactly the response I would expect from a jew, ‘show me the money’ or the deal is off. You are the Palestinians problem and you are the world’s problem. I will say it again, if God wanted you to have that land he would have cleared it himself and not given you the excuse to commit the gross indecencies that your counterparts in israel have on an innocent people. How can you console yourself with God why your people lie, steal and murder and blame it on Him?

We do not have a problem with the Palestinians but we should be forcefully encouraging them to reclaim what is theirs and move back onto the land of their forefathers to live the lives they had before zionism took over.

Not me. The Israeli’s have fought a great campaign in the public eye as always being the victim.

The way the world and the Israeli’s view the Palestinian people is that they are all terrorists and suicide bombers.

The Palestinian live under an apartheid regime the same as South Africa was, yet the world does nothing.

There was a Palestine before there was an Israel. Good Luck

Because of the lobbyist and the money the Zionist have. Look who controls the media. People who say Palestine never exist at least the people did not come from Europe claiming the land and changing the Bible. The bottom line the no one wanted the Jews in their countries. For a fact the U.S. knew what the Nazis were doing and Jews tried to sue the U.S. Gov. Also, the U.S. got involved in the war is after it got attacked by German Submarines and remember the Zimmerman note to Mexico? Here is some Palestine currency and in Arabic, English, and Hebrew writings. What happened to the Jews that lived in Palestine? To Vinny When Judaism came people converted to it then to Christianity and then to Islam. This why the Holy Land is mostly Muslim now and these Jews(Zionist) came from Europe.

Its not the Palestinians land, never was. Read your history books and educate yourself or run along, your choice.

EDIT: Mike – If that land has always belonged to Palestine, why isnt there one single human on this Earth that can produce any form of ancient currency forged or minted by Palestinians? Mike I live here in Washington DC right next to the Smithsonians. Tell me where to go to see an example of old Palestinian currency.

Quite simply, I do not believe a word of this. Enough people saw the aircraft hit the WTC. There are plenty of videos of the event. The identity of the hijackers is known and documented.

This sort of conspiracy theory is either half-witted or malign. In this case, I suspect the latter.


The jews are God’s chosen people and America’s best aly.

Semper Fi

i knew Palestinians was the problem anyways
i do not believe in the killing of innocent ppl though

only those of us who have short memory’s….they are the devils chosen people.

Your an insane conspiracy theorist.

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