How long will America last until it collapses like the ancient Roman empire?

America is a very young country and it has so much power to abuse. It thinks it knows best compared to other countries who have existed for thousands of years. America has the strongest military and thus Darwin’s principles are being applied. America’s policies are inciting hatred and violence across the…

Many Americans hope that after January 2009, we will buy back some of the time that we lost in the past 7 years.

the longer people like you are in America, the sooner the “coming collapse”. If you are so unhappy here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, go to some other country with a better system. I suggest Iran–you might like the idea that protest against the government is a crime punishable by DEATH. You could be “rousted” for posting something like this on Yahoo Answers about their government.

I suspected there will always be a country called the United States of America, but I doubt it will stay as powerful as it is for more than twenty more years. Everything about it–military, engery consumption, economy, standard of living–are not sustainable with emerging powers like China and India offering mass production and resources at insanely cheap prices.

No offence to you brothers across the pond but the truth is the sooner the better, but either way another super power will emerge and do the same anyway, we had an empire once, now were just an extra state!

It won’t last that long under the present leadership and government officials that are in office at this time. Us older folks are hoping that your generation will wake up and break the mold of present day democracy and take the necessary steps to bring a change to this great country. i am sorry that we oldsters messed it up so bad for you kids. Please don’t just sit there and wait for someone else to do it; get involved and start the revolution of change to help save the Great USA!

Eh, 50 years. Who knows. Hopefully not within my lifetime. But judging by the growing illiteracy, lack of education, and general incompetence, I’d say we’re on our way.

The people will last. People will always last, because they will always be stable. However, the existing system will disintegrate( the signs are already there). And this will happen sooner than later, my friend.

American Empire will be no more by the year 2025.

it will never destabilize unless its power source is defeated and we are to strong for defeation!!

it depends on how long the liberals are in power

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