How would you keep a 3 year old girl occupied during Church Service?

My 3 year old niece is going to church on Sunday with me. She will be in sunday school from 9:30 to 10:30 but then after sunday school she will be with me for about an hour and a half. How do you would you keep her occupied during Church. Please help and Thank you

Yeah, this is tough! I bring some picture books for her to look at (if they are about Jesus or the Bible, better!) colouring equipment, and little snacky things…animal crackers, marshmallows, raisins, pretzels…stuff like that. Don’t give her everything at once. Start with say the colouring. Let her do that for a while, then bring out a little snack. One snack. Let her have a little at a time. Then switch activities.

Now realize at this young age she is not going to sit perfectly. That’s okay. People around you might get frustrated. That’s okay too. If she gets loud, gently whisper that she needs to be reverent in God’s house and that He is happy that she is there. And you might not get as much out of the service as you thought you should. That’s okay too. You are modeling a very important behaviour and teaching a life lesson.

Good for you!

Doesn’t your church have a nursery for during service? If not I’d take a couple coloring books and crayons! Have a great time!
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My son is three. We use puzzles alot. They are quiet and occupy him for awhile. We also bring cars for him, with my daughter it was baby dolls and changes of clothes for them. She’d pass half an hour just changing the doll’s clothes over and over again. Also bring snacks. A baggie of goldfish or raisins, things of that nature. If their mouth is full they can’t talk or scream.

Hope this helps
Good Luck and God Bless

Take a few quiet toys she likes alot and some books she likes. Need to keep in mind needs to be enough for 90 minutes.

The biggest thing that we do to keep our boys interested during church is sitting in, or very near, the front row. We do not take extra things (books, crayons, etc.) as it promotes talking…

Sit where she will be able to see what is going on in front…but not what is going on elsewhere in the congregation.

Good Luck!

bring along some books for her to look at…coloring is what my little boy likes to do during services. well it actually helps with any age. good luck to you.

Children’s books, the hard ones are the best. She can read to herself silently while you worship.

pen and paper so they can write always keeps children occupied.

little snacks, colouring pencils and books and paper. books to read. Little toys.

bring books so she can look at , colouring books and crayons……

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