I need help with English?!?

I need to write a persuasive essay on one of the following topics
-cell phones while driving
-wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle

i can think of ways to argue both sides of most of those, and i was wondering if someone could help me come up with more pros and cons for each…

Cell Phones:

Pros: Avoid loneliness by talking on the phone; relay certain important messages quickly.

Cons: Dangerous, increases possibility of accident by adding a distraction; rude if there are other people in the car

Home Schooling:

Pros: Parents focus on academic aspect of school, these kids usually are well prepared and intelligent in academics, borderline gifted; parents get to control content of education, eliminating taboo subjects like sex ed; kids are sheltered from bullying, drugs, alcohol, bad influences, vulgarity

Cons: Kids can be too sheltered, lacking social grace; have fewer friends; feel more lonely, increased thoughts of suicide or running away; after home-schooling period kids may go crazy when they regain freedoms and abuse drugs, alcohol or a partying lifestyle.


Pros: healthy diet that gets all needed nutrients; increases your self esteem by knowing that you are not contributing to killing farm animals for meat and not contributing to the animal cruelty that occurs on a daily basis in farms or cages

Cons: getting all the necessary nutrients can be difficult and time consuming; fewer choices of food; fewer recipes; you can be rude in a social setting if you refuse what people offer because it has meat in it; you are not really going to stop animal cruelty or farming practices just because you stop eating meat…so it’s kind of pointless and futile.

Wearing Helmets

Pros: Gives your head a certain degree of protection in case of an accident; can avoid death, paralysis or brain trauma inflicted by direct impact on the cranium; helmets with visors protect the eyes from material flying into your eyes and distracting your driving; helmets cover the head when it starts raining; helmets can also look very cool and are a fashion statement that go along well with some types of motorcycles, like the sportier Ninjas or Yamahas; in most countries in europe it is illegal to ride without a helmet so legality is also an issue.

Cons: Helmets can be cumbersome and heavy and can cause straining of the neck; certain helmets (the ones that just latch on at the bottom of the chin like a seatbelt) can easily slide off so don’t guarantee much protection, helmets can ruin your hairstyle; helmets are uncool when combined with motorcycles such as Harley Davidson’s or Moto Gucci’s; you have to carry the helmet with you when you arrive somewhere, and that can be annoying; alternately, you can store the helmet in a box on your motorcycle, but that is an added expense.

-wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle

I don’t see how you could argue the other side of this, so I’d say this would be the easiest to argue for wearing helmets. Newton’s Law tells us objects that are in motion want to stay in motion, so if your motorcycle stops and you fly forward, you will have the same speed. Not even the cranium could protect the brain from a whole word of hurt, but a helmet can create a cushion for the skull.

on vegetarianism, vegetarians don’t always supply their body with what it needs like calcium and protein which tends to make their bodies weaker than everybody else.

and cell phones while driving, people are more likely to get into accidents when talking on a cellphone because their minds are elsewhere other than the road.

you can find many pros and cons for those topics but the easiest would probably be cellphones while driving or the helmets.

Hopefully this will help you organize the thoughts you already have. Choose the Cell Phones topic, and make a list with two columns. On one side, list all the reasons why this activity is convenient. On the other side, list the reasons why it is unsafe. Then evaluate the convenience benefits (pros) against the safety disadvantages (cons) to arrive at a well-reasoned answer to the question.

Cell phones while driving

pro-harder to get into drugs, peer pressure, and other bad stuff
con-not getting life experience in the real world

pro-not getting all the harmful stuff like preservatives, trans fat, etc
con-might be depriving the body of essential fat sources and other vitamins and minerals that come from meat

Wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle
pro-protects the head of injuries
con-might get in the way of seeing everything you could without the helmet

I would probably do homeschooling and be anti it.
more controlled environment

personal attention

know how well your kid is doing

you can control what the kid learns

can totally destroy social life (it happened to my cousin) which is a very strong point

don’t learn independence or discipline

chances are that the kid won’t end up learning as much because too much like home so chilled

Even if all those “facts” aren’t true, you’re not graded on that. The point is to see how well you argue your point.

I hope I helped. Good luck!

Definitely wearing the helmet. There is no con to it, except for stupidity and stubbornness. You can cite safety statistics and insurance laws. Show a picture of someone who’s been in a motorcycle accident. Find a blog of someone trying to recover from the trauma. It’s horrible.

I am a vegetarian so… arguements for would be health, no cruelty, unnecessary because the human body can exist just as well without. arguements for – chewy. miss that.

you can go to goveg.com to find many pros
and i dont know about cons, maybe no enough protein

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