If obama would be such a bad president. . . . . . . .?

If obama would be such a bad president because of what he stands for; then why the %&#@ did bush get 2 consecutive terms????????

Bush is a good president he has been misrepresented by the media and libs in hollywood..

Obama will put huge government agencies in place and may even do something like Nationalizing the oil Industry. These types of policies are almost impossible to reverse, and once we are on that road to Socialism we can never go back. We will all be poor in 20 years just like the rest of the World’s Socialist societies.

You seem to forget that the economy was in an enormous expansion during Bush’s Presidency (and in 2004). Only recently have we seen the economy tank, but it will recover. It always does.

Bush won two elections within the rule set governing said elections that has been in place since before anyone currently living was born. You’re just upset because it didn’t work out in Gore’s favor. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t be happy if Gore had won, but I wouldn’t be saying that he cheated.

Too many people are still alive that spent at least part of their adult lives fighting communism (the natural progression of socialism) that will not vote for a candidate running on socialist platforms.

Because Bush didn’t stand for anything and that’s what some people like.
Obama stands for change, and that’s what some people hate.

Bush got 2 consecutive terms because that he was voted into office for 2 terms. The stances between bush and obama are different, their goals to accomplish tasks are different, and the overall experience in politics is different.

Don’t listen to these idiots that say Bush is good and Blah blah blah. Bush deliberetly lied to the american people and thousands have died on a BS war. He should be in prison for life, he is a mass murderer in my opinion. Barack is not a socialist, he believes in democracy, you know, the one where people actually have a voice, he is a strong constitutionalist and isn’t afraid to talk to other leaders to solve problems. He understands foreign policy much more than Bush and Mccain put together, and he advocates human rights before profits. IMPEACH BUSH…[email protected] MCCAIN

Bush got elected to improve K-12 education but the voucher plan was defeated in congress. He got elected to get rid of the socialist security program and replace it -w- individual retirement accounts….every one dropped the ball there.
Bush got elected to cut taxes and cut government spending.
Kind of split that one. But most important,and this is important. Bush was elected to prevent the commy bastards Gore and Kerry from dragging this country further into the socialist cesspool.

Bush spread the fear of terrorism into the minds of weak Americans who are ignorant of national security. The war on terror is a joke. They are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. By taking advantage of the weak minded and a horrible candidate in John Kerry, evil Bush was able to win another term in office.

It seem to me he had 2 terms because he won the Presidential election–if you chose not to vote,then don;t bitc h–if you did and your candidate lost,suck it up…we have all been there.

Mr. Bush’s family is powerful politically.

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