If the world God created was so perfect…?

I tried asking this earlier, but was deleted for some reason for apparantly violating the terms of service, so I’ll try it again in nicer terms…

Christians believe that the world God created was perfect, but when he made Adam and Eve and told them to “be fruitful and multiply”, did God realize that their…

Pointing out discrepancies of the idea of a perfect god in congruence with the Bible is like pointing out clouds in the sky.

There’s no reason why God couldn’t allow siblings to marry as a one off. A major reason against incest is the genetic consequence of it, ie less genetic diversity means mutations are more likely to be expressed, causing health problems. Adam and Eve’s children would have had very few or no genetic mutations or disorders, because genes were so new, so that wasn’t a problem. God didn’t forbid siblings marry until after this point, so it wasn’t morally wrong for them to do so.

Originally, there would have been no risk of this causing harmful deformities in the offspring. There is a problem today, because all of us have inherited copying mistakes in our genes, called mutations, which are usually harmful. Mutations are one effect of God’s curse on the entire creation because of Adam’s sin.

Adam and Eve were created ‘very good’ (Genesis 1:31) — the Hebrew meod tov, in the context of a finished creation which God had already called ‘good’ after most creation days, indicates physical perfection without any blemishes. So they would not have had copying mistakes, so brother-sister intermarriage would not have had the problem it has today. Harmful mutations would take many generations to accumulate to levels where close intermarriage would be dangerous for the offspring.

There is only one explanation, which seems to cover this subject.
The bible (in parts at least) is not to be taken literally word for word.

Many parts of the bible use terms that do not mean the exact same thing in modern language.

Adam, is mankind and not one single person, he is just a figure head that says we were the last of the creatures created.

The apple represents the sins of man and not one sin in itself.

The seven days of creation are seven ages between different forms of life being created.

The bible actually mirrors Darwins theories in as much as, the Earth was created, then plants, then smaller animals, eventually ending up with mankind.

So I don’t see any incest in there at all because I take the bible as a series of teachings and not a diary of what actually happened day to day.

yes…well. back in those times the men who were making up the bible thought it was ok to practise incest so of course that got included

they didnt see far enough into the future to realise that one day it would be legislated against…if they had then there would have been a whole tribe of people created in the beginning

I think more people was created after adam and eves fall from grace

Well Adam and Eve weren’t the first people.

Jewish people only wrote stuff about themselves… and their ancestors.

I have asked this question to many people, including a minister and pastor. No one could tell me, all they say is “take it on faith”!!

(to the person who answered second, That’s why everyone believes you all to be Hypocrites.)

If what they say is true about Adam and Eve then we are all commiting incest.

But the bigger brother had to marry the smaller sister, and the smaller brother had to marry the bigger sister. So still they were further this way.

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