I’m a guy that likes to wear women’s clothes. What’s wrong with me?

I was watching a show on MSNBC about transgender people. The thing is, I’m not like that. I’m happy being a male, I prefer having a penis, I prefer having the strong male physique, I’m 100% straight, and I’m only attracted to women. But I’m in to fashion and the creativity involved, and I find…

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. I’ll say to you the same thing that I said to another man who asked the same question a couple of days ago: the reason why people frown upon men wearing women’s clothing, but not the other way around, has a lot to do with the connotation of that clothing.

Men’s clothing, in today’s society (actually, in any historical society, regardless of the fashion), is looked upon as powerful, strong, and respected. That’s why a woman would rather hold a meeting in a power suit than in a frilly sun dress. On the other hand, a frilly sun-dress is associated with childhood, with fragility, with decoration. It’s uniquely feminine precisely because it’s impractical, because it’s regarded as “weak”, and because it’s primarily decorative rather than functional.

Thus, when a woman needs to use the power that masculine clothes grant, or she just needs to do some physical work, she wears men’s clothes. This is fine, because the idea of a woman being powerful or doing physical labor might be distasteful to some, but we basically regard it as “moving up” in society. It’s considered good, regardless of your gender, to want to be more powerful, more respected, and stronger. Those are traits we value as a society. And it shows: we pay people more the more we think of them as powerful, respected, and strong. A big part of that perception has to do with the clothes they wear.

On the other hand, feminine clothing, like I said, is regarded as weak or infantile. It’s considered deviant for a man to wear it because it is taken as “moving down” in society. As a man wearing man’s clothing, you are respected, rich, powerful, or strong. As a man wearing women’s clothing, you are weak, a sissy, a pervert, or gay. That last one is extremely important. Homosexuality is about the most vile thing that a man can project in the common culture. The fact that men who choose to become women are so vilified (the chance that a transsexual man will be killed in part of a hate crime in her lifetime is thousands of times higher than the rest of the population) is because homosexuality and weakness, especially weakness when it is adopted by those who are not supposed to show it (i.e. men), is considered so disgusting.

A man wearing women’s clothing is rejecting all the power and prestige that the masculine character traits grant him in favor of the feminine traits that are demonized and thought of as weak or perverted. On the contrary, a woman doing the same is regarded as powerful because not only is she donning a man’s clothing, she is donning some of the traits associated with masculinity as well. And if we’re really honest with ourselves here, the traditional masculine traits are much more valued in society than the traditional feminine traits.

Nothing is wrong with you. I wear womens stuff too. It’s what I’m comfortable with and I have no plans to stop.

I believe, though, and no doubt someone will correct me if I’m incorrect, that most male crossdressers tend to do so for a sexual thrill, rather than simply for the fashion. Your justifications are certainly ones that have been aired before, though, and should be taken into consideration; we should strive toward gender neutrality that allows everyone to express themselves in the manner of their choosing.

Wow i do have to say that you are right society is really messed up.
What i find being a women i choose to dress like a male.People look down on it,ask me why i choose to dress the way i do.my mom always is trying to buy me woman’s clothes,and always telling me how I’m such a pretty girl,”why do you were boys clothes?”.
I do not think there is anything wrong with you wanting to dress like a women.you should be your self.if that’s is woman’s clothes oh well people will just have to deal with it.

Uh, there’s nothing wrong with you. As you later point out, most cross-dressers are straight. Most people tend to confuse lots of distinct things together because they don’t know much.

Yes, it’s arbitrary what’s considered appropriate dress for whom.

i think you’re maybe just a cross-dresser.Are you interested in designing fashion?Maybe you should embrace this passion and interest in fashion.Although, I don’t think you should go around wearing women’s clothing, but maybe you should go into studying fashion as a career.
The reason why you like this,I don’t know why.It could just be an interest,but it could also mean that you’re bisexual.It’s hard to determine what the real meaning is,but I would say that you shouldn’t feel ashamed to like women’s clothing(Because It’s awesome!).

There really isn’t anything wrong with you, it isn’t unheard of for men to like wearing women’s clothes. Eddie Izzard (Comedian) is a cross dresser, and he is straight.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Personally, I don’t see why men would wear pantyhose when socially it’s acceptable for them not to (horrible things), but if it turns your crank, more power to you.

You’re here! You’re queer! Get used to it.

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