Is An 2005 Dodge Neon A Good Car?

It will be my first car. Its a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT and it only has 14,000 miles on it. Its a really good deal.

personally i think about all neon’s were good little cars,there’s an awful lot of them still on the road today,as for the sxt,s those were nice cars ,the rode a little noisy but that was due to the design and lack of insulation in them,but the sxt was a really good car,if you can find one that’s not worn out or has been really taken care of it would make you a real good car,the one you described sounds like a good deal but have it checked really good,the mileage is extremely low on that car,so you may be getting a really good car from this,have a mechanic look it over before you buy it,it pays to do that these days,good luck with it.

It’s okay; fairly reliable according to Consumer Reports (check the brakes!) but if the deal is too good to pass up, why not? So ask yourself, why is the deal so good? A relative letting you have it for less than blue book, then okay. A stranger unloading the car (because they know something is wrong with it and aren’t telling you or they rolled back the odometer), not okay. Check that all the numbers on the odometer line up exactly. If they don’t, it most likely has been tampered with. Have a mechanic check it out.

Ive seen Neons go to crap at 100 thousand miles and ive seen them run well past 300 thousand. I have a 2001 Neon ES Sedan , had it 10 months. Great gas mileage, decent power, respectable cornering ability and slightly aggressive stance with the right tire and wheel combination. Poor parts availability, cheap plastic interior, cheap seats, poor gauge layout and lots of road noise.

yea it is a really good car if you like small cars, that would be a great deal depending on how much it costs and what kind of things it has in the interior and exterior.

it’s a good efficient little car. don’t expect to get more than 100k miles from the tranny though. at 14k, you have years of trouble free driving ahead of you.

It’s good for gas mileage, not sure about reliability, and it definitely won’t get you any cool points 😛

They are very fuel efficient cars and are reliable up to 200,000 miles.

I’ve had bad experience with the dodge vehicles.
Probably unreleiable.
dont think you should.

They’re junk

Get a Honda or Toyota

no piece of $hit i have knowen a couple of people who have owned them they were not happy with them, go with a Honda or Toyota you be glad you did.

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