Is there such a thing as taking equity out of your car? I was needing a loan, my car is paid off- FLORIDA?

I wanted to get like a $3,000 cash loan and let a bank/financial institution hold the title to my car.The Kelly blue book value is $6,500. Is this possible?

Yes it is. It is called a Secured loan based off the loan value of your car. You local bank should be able to do this for you. Under Kelly Blue Book, look for the loan value of your car and that will be how much you should be able to borrow.

Good luck!


Yes—look in the Kelly Blue Book and find the loan value. That will be close to what they will give cash… The interest rate may be from 12-26% —how bad to you need the cash??? You are better off to use a credit card 0% on purchases for the first year–most cards will loan $3000….And you will not lose the car if a payment is missed—OK

Yes, this is possible. The loan will be just like you are buying the car and you shouldn’t have any problems getting the money. Just try to get a low interest loan.

Some loan offices will take your car as equity on a loan.

But the rates on the principal are usually high.

Loads of places online that will help you out. Here is just one:

It is called a secured loan. You still get a credit check, etc.. but you will secure the loan with your title. The interest rate is mediocre…. not the best or the worst.

Call a lender who advertises personal loans and offer the car as security. Should be doable

Yes it is . Sometimes it will depend on your credit. Just be careful how much interest you are charged. Pretty much any lending institution that writes car loans will do it.

u might be able to get a signature loan of that amount, collaterlized w/ your car. stay away for the “cash for title” loan places – they’re rates are exorbitant.

In principle? Sure. But $3,000 on a $6,500 car? I don’t know.

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